Get Lost.

While I was strolling around Loft (a super big novelty mall where you can find sparkly stickers, stationaries of all characters, interesting stuff in Japan)..

I found this suitcase-inspired planner.

It felt a bit weird to purchase a new planner when awesome 2011 hasn’t even ended. My current 2011 moleskine planner holds too many memories : )

In Japan, most of the planner brands would start selling their own designer planners by early October (or even late September!).

I love suitcases with random stickers from different places.

Ran out of Letter A’s.. I’m sorry MANILA! @_@

MNL seems cooler though.

Was taking some product shots earlier as well..


Chupa Chups Lip Balm  :heart:



Oyasumi mina~ Will update a lot of stuff tomorrow and Monday! I’ve gotten busy all of a sudden! But I like it. <3


Must busy yourself with the things you love doing..  :yay:




3 thoughts on “Get Lost.

  1. that’s a lot cooler than moleskine! hahaha fullybooked/powerbooks MUST sell notebooks like this one. :heart: :heart: :heart: nainlove ako


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