Ghibli Museum & Harajuku with Anggy-chan + Nippori Fabric Town

Ohayou Gozaimasu!


Last week or so, Anggy (of ENJI) and I finally met each other! After year(s) of online friendship, we are now officially sisters, lol!

Just in time, I wore my uniform from LucyPop!

I actually planned to wear this for the KPP concert in Tokyo but decided to wear it for Ghibli museum date!



Hello Totoro!

To get museum tickets, here is our Ghibli Museum guide from JapanLoverMe!

Healthy food for hungry visitors~

Recommendation from the Straw Hat Cafe: Strawberry cake!!

Even their restroom in the cafe is pretty haha

Anggy in Shibuya! 😀

Purikura time with Anggy and her cousin, Ghita! 😀

Random inviting noms while walking to Harajuku.. dat toast tho

Had a refreshing drink here!

Matchaaaaaaaa <3


Nippori Fabric Town + Surprise Kawaii Harajuku Tour for Anggy

Went to Nippori for some Kawaii.PH tasks~

Nippori Fabric Town is a fashion student’s heaven!

*grabby hands*

Fujiya restaurant I spotted ~

Already in Harajuku and eating this bread 😀

Onegai Kaeru‘s corner in MAM Avantgarde, Harajuku ~

Anggy wanted to go to 6% DOKIDOKI so I accompanied her to the shop~

It started to rain and I got myself a 100+ Yen umbrella from Daiso! And it’s kawaaaaaii!


My favorite line sticker in plushie from Kiddyland :O :O :O

Totoro is showing us how to smile, lol. Creepy cute!

Jonathan’s matcha dessert <3


Loving Anggy’s transparent / hologram-ish backpack!


Her coordinate = <3333




Left: Spinns x Sailormoon :O :O :O

Right: Sunset inside the train <3

Krispy Kreme Japan’s World Dolce series!

My favoriteeeee!

I always get asked about my favorite books, so here are some! 

Kawaii PH Shop, soon!


And my favorite chocolate mint icecream from 7-eleven!  :star:



2 thoughts on “Ghibli Museum & Harajuku with Anggy-chan + Nippori Fabric Town

  1. What did the fabric prices look like? I wonder how they compare to the prices locally.

  2. How can you manage to not buy every single nice thing you see in Japan? Ate, immune ka na. 😥 also, I suuuuper love Ate Anggy’s outfits!! and her BAG! I SPOT A UNICORN DRAWSTRING BAG INSIDE IT!! I was supposed to buy one while I was in the US huhu /regrets/


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