Going Beyond The Cutest Dreams Tomorrow!

Hello everybody!

First of all, I would like to thank EVERYONE who has been cheering us on regarding the Kawaii PH Book Launch happening tomorrow! This Book + Book Launch is not only made possible by our team alone, but by all of our partners / sponsors , believers, interns, teammates, community members… :(( I think I will have another crying fest tomorrow out of happiness. You know me, when I’m too happy, I find it hard to control the tears of joy ;___;


You know what is the most insane thing about this entire event / project?? 

It hasn’t turned 1 month yet since we went ALL the way for this. HOLY ASJFDHHDJF ;_;

I remember the FB msgs wherein I’d tell my friends to “keep this as a secret first” because I didn’t want it to get jinxed. And it did not huhu. :”)

Last May 18, 2015, I had a call from Manila. It was a viber call from one of our media sponsors before and Kawaii PH TV partner (we aired our 10 episodes on national television / Channel 13 around December 2014 – January 2015). Since they will be airing Kawaii International season 2, they wanted to partner with Kawaii Philippines again (and they informed me that 2 Kawaii International episodes which I was featured in from 2 years ago will also be part of the season 2.). They wanted to have a kawaii-related event (smaller than Kawaii in Manila 2 last year). I told them that the Kawaii PH team is currently focusing on “School of Kawaii” and “Kawaii PH Book” for Kawaii Fund and that producing episodes for Kawaii PH TV would be impossible (given the availability of the crew). After deliberating and exchanging thoughts, both parties finally decided to give it a shot to complete the book on time, find sponsors to print the book, and have an “intimate” book launch with the community.

Months before, I told ChiChi that even if we can only have our books printed for 200 pieces, that would be SUPER okay already. Once we get some cash / funds from the book sales, we can use those for reprinting of batch 2, batch 3, etc. These projects (School of Kawaii, Kawaii Fund, #KawaiiFund x Kawaii PH Store category) are really for fundraising purposes and we do not earn a single peso / yen from Kawaii Fund. Honestly, if I were a boy and I had a girlfriend and her name is Kawaii PH, Kawaii PH is one lucky girl because I spent so many pesoses and yens on her already lolol. Like we all do in the team (huhuhu thank you all for being generous ;_;). This is how dedicated and passionate we are.

So after giving our all to produce a 100-page colored book filled with dreams, success stories, encouragement, positivity, and the like.. we (together with our co-organizers) went full force on event-planning. Our sponsors for the book + event are: Lucy Pop Japan, Horizon of the Sun Communications Inc, Asian Television Content, Converse Philippines, All Nippon Airways, SM Megamall, Illumina., Yoshinoya, R Square Condominium, The Dimsum Place, Pure Snacks Food house Corporation, and Chinatown TV. ;_; We did not print only 200 books, but 1000 books! For us, that’s a huge, huge blessing!!!

And then days ago, we were notified that #BeyondTheCutestDreams was featured on Yahoo! Japan / Manila Keizai / Primer.ph… ;_;


Kaila these past few days: ;_____;


Anyway, commercial break! :))

Maybe you are also wondering what will happen during the launch. Here are some that you can expect! : )

Activities copy

For only 150 pesos, you can buy your own #KawaiiPHBook and support #KawaiiFund at the same time. 1 book purchase entitles you to get 2 passes for you and your friend!

Fun Activities:

  • Design your own kawaii pin button!
  • Join the stamp rally and get a chance to win exciting prizes from our sponsored raffle contests and from Kawaii PH Store!
  • Come in your most KAWAII outfit and take an OOTD photo at our logo wall. Tag us on instagram (@kawaiiphbook / @kawaii_ph) and use the hashtags #BeyondTheCutestDreams / #KawaiiPHBook and you might win a kawaii prize from our sponsors!
  • Let’s sign each other’s books! (like how people sign yearbooks!)
  • Bring your own Converse sneakers (old or new), and our artists will kawaii-fy your pair for you!
  • Doodle your Cutest Dreams on a GIANT Converse shoe!
  • Learn how to creatively tie shoelaces with the Converse team!
  • Spend the night with us as we start the program at 6PM! Live performances by our kawaii musician Reese Lansangan and talented dance group Seishun Kakumei (青春革命)!

Converse copy

For more updates, please follow us on instagram: kawaii_ph / @kawaiiphbook or like us on facebook!

People have been asking me why I am not flying to Manila for the book launch. ;___;  I REALLY REALLY WANT but.. I have reasons why I can’t.


  • I would rather spend the money for airfare + pocket money on another project / save and use the money for investment for a kawaii event
  • I have to get back on track with my real work here (since it was sacrificed for a month and JLM store has been delayed too much already huhu).

I am confident that even with lack of presence, the event would still be a HUGE success.  I know that even if I am not there, everything will be freaking awesome & hella overwhelming because I trust my teammates to do an amazing job. Yes, I have to admit though.. I am quite sad (or maybe another word?) about the fact that I cannot be there and to enjoy with everyone too… but I know that sacrifices have to be made. And actually, this “fact” is inspiring me more and more. Someday, I will never be this frugal about money and I can just fly anywhere to the Philippines (and anywhere in the world) and spread kawaii with my teammates. If I had millions right now, I would really use these so we can reach our ultimate goals for Kawaii PH.

… But for now, this book will do. I believe that this #KawaiiPHBook is worth a million too. : )

I hope that you can get a hold of our book too. We will do our best so we can ship international orders for the book. ^^

To all kawaii friends in Manila, hope to see you in the photos! I will be cheering on from Japan! <3



11 thoughts on “Going Beyond The Cutest Dreams Tomorrow!

  1. WOW!! YESS this book is worth millions!! and if i ever have this book in my hand, definetely i would have tears of joy.. as im already having some after reading your sucess and celebration!! 😀 😀 Amen! ^_^

  2. I’m sooo happy for You & the entire Kawaii PH team w< Sent all my 'Gambatte's in my mind lolololololol
    I saw the pictures on Instagram,It looked like it was so much funnnnn <3

    '' Months before, I told ChiChi that even if we can only have our books printed for 200 pieces, that would be SUPER okay already.'' ''We did not print only 200 books, but 1000 books!'' <— That made me kind of internally cry a bit.So happy for you guys,really! <3
    Wishing for more success to the kawaii PH team! <3

  3. I’m sooo happy for You & the entire Kawaii PH team w< Sent all my 'Gambatte's in my mind lolololololol

  4. First thing that came into mind when i woke up today was the book launch for some reason lol.sent my gambatte’s in my mind lolololl

  5. The passion you guys put into your work, i find that really inspiring ;_:
    I hope you can ship it internationally, I’m very eager to read it,I’ll try to buy it (and take it with me everywhere lolol #handyinspiration)

    ..Now my comments are all muddled up ;_: im sooo sorry for the spam.

  6. Aww yay! I’m so proud of you all! I hope you can print more copies of your book because I would love to own a copy!

    Hopefully it will become so popular it can be sold in bookstores in the US! ;D Or if you can buy it online, I can already promise that I’m buying a copy~ <3


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