Going Blonde for a Week + Kaila’s Moody Kawaii Fashion + Kinokuniya’s Manga Corner

Prepare for another lengthy blog post! Here are some snippets of what happened a few days ago and today.

Wore something special because it was my sister-in-law’s mother birthday. Had a wonderful lunch at a Chinese restaurant! I love Chinese foooood!

This is actually the “girliest” outfit I’ve come up with : )) I think it’s also a bit of otona / adult-like with the mustard blazer and wedges.. felt like a different Kaila during this day. : ))

Just a simple look with the basic white platforms + DIY ripped galaxy jeans I did for a tutorial.

Green bow Tiara is also available on my shop~ <3



and then ….


I went blonde! : ))))

Here’s a crazy look I made with my favorite (BAPE? is this BAPE?) shorts from my brother’s closet + oversized neon shirt from Donki.


Here’s how my room looks right now (it’s “cleaner” in the photos) and my new favorite plushie, Usagi!!! I want a chibimoon as well huhuhuhu

I had my hair “double bleached”. The term itself sounds painful but because my hair is going to be bleached for the first time, I may not attain the real dream hair I want if it’s only bleached once. Huhuhuhuhu  :sigh:


This was the day I decided to have my hair bleached for my dream (pastel blue) hair!! I am CRAZY but I won’t regret this : ))) There are just times you just have to gulp it down and do what you want.

(btw, the hair stylist at the back is positioned too exact—  he seems to be “coloring my hair” quite literally haha)

And yup, Japanese salons give the best service. You get unlimited drinks + snacks while you have free viewing of fashion magazines!

After that, I bought a lot of damage repair shampoos, oil, and other hair care products! I’ve had my hair super damaged before when I was in highschool (IT WAS TERRIBLE) so I learned a lot from it.


Immersing Myself + Daily Bits

Recently, I have been splurging on Japanese-related books. How Anime, Pop cool-ture, Kawaii fashion and everything Japan-related have influenced many people from other countries. I’ve been rusty with my Nihongo for months and I feel like I’m getting (forgive me for the term) dumber….  so I thought it was time to read again.

Actually, I am quite a fan of history (it was my favorite subject in Highschool) so learning about other people’s cultures and beliefs is one of my favorites. For this time, I will be reading about Japan first. Even though I’ve been here for about a year already, I haven’t really “looked into” or made more effort in finding out why the Japanese way of thinking is like this, etcetera.. ~

Bought Kyary’s lifestyle book + Popteen + Helpful Guidebook and my first Manga in pure Japanese! I think it’s for pre-teens but I need this for my yomi-kata (reading) practice!

Kyary’s face : ))))

I think she’s a lovely girl. I met her personally once (last year).. and she was soooo cuteee!!! (and I think she’s a little bit shorter than me) …

Harajuku Idol~

I love how some Monthly mangas have free stuff!!

I got an AKB0048 sticker set for summer!

Don’t know what to do with this, might save this for my little cousins haha~

I also bought new make-up for me! ONLY MINERALS is my sister-in-law’s osusume (recommendation) for me.

I love CANMAKE because their products are so affordable!

My client ordered three items from Putumayo! I love her picks <3

Usagi with my favorite Pocky flavors!

Speaking of Pocky, I’m having a pocky loot giveaway over my facebook page!! Make sure to join~!

PLATFORM CRAZEEEEE! I super want to have a Tokyo Bopper platform (not in photo)!!! Y U SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!


Fishbone hair tutorial my sis-in-law and I found interesting~ Will try this!!

Yesterday, we went to BIC CAMERA (electronics store) because my brother and I wanted to buy a video camera…

Omg I can’t believe that you can customize INSTAX cameras this easy now!! I love you FUJIFILM~!!

Changing skins made so easy now~

Another cute Toy Camera (this is a WORKING camera) I spotted. SO CUTEE!!!


Left: New video camera for Rainbowholic Adventures in Tokyo!!! Be excited, everyone hehehe

Right: Super cute original KitKat with a twist.. look at the packaging! 😉


Manga Corner @ Kinokuniya Bookstore

This afternoon, I went to Parco just to drop by the Kinokuniya bookstore. Sadly, they didn’t care much of English books (just 1 rack, ahhh).. so that means, I need to visit the Shinjuku branch for more selections >_<

Anyhoww, I thoroughly enjoyed my short visit while going around the manga corner. Took some photos I thought I should share ^^v

Spot Kenshin!! OMG I CANT WAIT FOR THE SAMURAI X LIVE-ACTION MOVIE!!! Produced by the JAPANESE themselves!

It will be shown in Japanese movie theaters on AUGUST 25 already! WAAAAA!

Look closely, lol

YAOI heaven : ))

BOKURA GA ITAAAA! The anime  & manga that made me cry so much huhuhu

And other fun stuff : )))

Wish I could read these all! The Japanese are so lucky to have so many mangas to read when they’re bored.


Lololol this caught my eye.  Hello Kitty x J-rock band that I’m not very familiar with

Cute manga box for kids. I don’t know if these are mangas or just plain toys in “magazine shape” : )))


Spot Rilakkuma @_@ And ARIEL!!


Rurouni Heaven

And Shin-chan shall end this post. Heehee~



9 thoughts on “Going Blonde for a Week + Kaila’s Moody Kawaii Fashion + Kinokuniya’s Manga Corner

  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah :yay:
    you hair is soooooooooooooooooooo blonde. love it :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    that’s why I love Japan Manga cauze they have FREEBIES *0*
    pabibili ako sa inyo in the near future
    *chinese food lovers UNITED*

  2. Your blonde hair looks so cute! :yay: I can’t wait to see it blue! I had blue/teal hair earlier this year and I loved it and miss it. My hair is back to being boring old brown now. Though a warning, blue hair fades to green so to keep it from fading wash your hair with as cold water as you can stand. :nod: Good luck~

  3. Omigoodness! Kishidan! When my sister went to Japan as a foreign exchange student, she came back with a DVD of that band! They’re so awesome! :yay: That was years ago, by the way. I was maybe 10 or 11. So about 9 years ago. Also, why are they girls on the right?

  4. OHMY TH HERTZ !! WITH YONEDA KOU’S ILLUSTRATIOOOOON !! (and its anatomy fail hahaha)
    Dear Kaira. I fell in Pure Love. With the Mannish Platform. The White one. Bootifuul.
    You’re first style, otona-like, is really good on you. Girly is cool, but isn’it awesome to be a pretty “woman”, once in a time ? 😀
    Your blond hair suit you too !

    ~Luve, Hiroto


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