Golden Docs, Trinklets, and Realizations

Summer is inching closer here in Japan! I will miss Spring and chilly mornings.

School resumed yesterday. Realized that it’s hard to dress up for school when it tires and drains you like those long highschool classes! I miss my junior and senior college life when the place I was renting was just literally school’s next door… and I would just go to school with 1 or 2 classes. Now, I take two trains and walk aaaa lot. And it’s more hell to go home because I need to switch trains 3 times, and walk a long waaaayy. I should not really complain but.. this routine makes my body feel paralyzed every single morning. :”(

Hi boater girl ^^v

A scarf on a plain t-shirt.

Bought this golden pair of doc martens because it was ridiculously on sale!

LOL at my attempt of.. rowing an imaginary boat.

Was too early for class so I just relaxed at our school’s park. Had a realization that my big / round eyes are always conversation starters whenever my brother would introduce me to a friend / group of friends.

This is Shinjuku in a windy and quiet afternoon after class. At the right was my bento during yesterday’s lunch.

Was going around a mall before going home. Found a place where I can make my own blings! Bought lot of cutesy bows and key trinkets. Will definitely be back.. and I must study accessory design. It was so fun though my back ached..

Bracelet. Will add more chunks because I ran out of those connector rings.

This looks like a cardcaptor sakura wand! I super like it.


iPhone takes quite hi-res / quality photos, ne?

Random trivia: I love collecting socks in all dots. Bought a pair of mori-girl inspired lacy socks too.. but I forgot to take a photo of it.

I love hats too! For some reason, I’ve made a collection.. @_@

My college friends would often wonder why I have a set of photobooth-worthy hats in my dorm before…


I’ve decided to not to go to school today because ever since I got back, my brother and I would always go out! When I woke up, I felt like a paralyzed zombie! ADD the times when I fixed the place I was renting (last month) + my room at home + packed for Japan (3 luggages for me @_@).. you could say that I haven’t really rested! When I got here.. on my third day, I immediately started school. I think my brain has not still recovered from the thesis we did last term in La Salle. If only I could postpone my studying here, and just relax and have my misadventures well-scheduled.. that would be really wonderful!

On a more personal note, It’s hard not to be bitten by the homesickness bug. I miss my family, boyfriend, friends and everyone at home! I guess even if I “emotionally” prepared myself for this for a year or so (i’d get teary-eyed every night when the day of my departure would be nearer and nearer), it’s hard not to be homesick.

At least in school, my classmates aren’t Japanese so I get to converse / chat with them in English and broken Japanese. My brother has introduced to me some of the Japanese girls he knew that are of the same age.. they are really friendly but having a fluid conversation is muzukashiiii (hard).. I guess this is all part of the challenge, right?

Phewwwww.. now that I’ve let it all out, I feel better. I guess keeping a blog when you’re on your personal adventure makes you realize things in life.

So tired.. つかれた。 Zzz

4 thoughts on “Golden Docs, Trinklets, and Realizations

  1. …Wait, boyfriend?! Did I miss something???

    Well, I’m glad you’re able to talk to your classmates!

    Nice gold shoes. Haha. I love the bracelet though!

  2. awwww wala ka na pala dito sa pinas… good thing I saw you before…. see you soon 🙂


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