Gudetama 5th Anniversary Gallery at Seibu Ikebukuro 🍳

Hi all!

Just sharing some photos from our Gudetama 5th Anniversary experience last weekend at Seibu Ikebukuro. Unfortunately, the museum / gallery was up for limited time and it’s not available anymore. I hope that through this post, you’d also feel that you were there with us, haha!

Lol at the frustrated Gudetama at the back haha

omg my heart.. omg so cute

We actually visited the museum a week before the actual day.. and it wasn’t up by that time yet, lol!

We were sooo excited that day to only find out that we mixed up the dates. Funny times haha

Nevertheless, it was a great experience to try for the second time, haha!

The Gudetama 5th Anniversary Cafe will be up until September so to those who are planning to visit Tokyo / Ikebukuro during this time, do grab the chance! More info here.

Lol dat face

Well anyway, let’s start with the photospam!

There was this huge inflatable Gudetama at the entrance. I wanted to take it home haha


Gudetama the lazy egg is the best character

Limitless possibilities hahahaha

Aki the alien lol

THAT BUTT omg I had to resist not to touch it huhuhuhu

If you’re going to ask me if who is a bigger fan of Gudetama between us… I’ll say with pride that it’s not me hahaha.

They had many photo spots! It was so fun to just take photos haha! Videos weren’t allowed btw~

Guests were asked to draw their own version of Gudetama hahaha chouuu kawaii!

So many kids participated!

So cool to see families just celebrating Gudetama’s 5th anniversary together haha

The self-control that I had to keep in mind while window-shopping…


Gudetama meets fancy lol

Me to me: “If you are trying to save money and you want to buy it, just take a photo

Also me: *takes photos of everything then* lol

Awww, I remember the Gudetama Cafe visit last year! 

Shameless plug: Get your Dream Gudetama Luggage / Gudetama Box from our shop!

We tried lining up for the Gudetama Cafe but it was toooo long (like going for an audition haha) so we just took photos that time.

We shall come back with revenge haha!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! ^^ Do look forward to the cafe one~

With love,


2 thoughts on “Gudetama 5th Anniversary Gallery at Seibu Ikebukuro 🍳

  1. The gallery looked so much fun, I love the photo spots. Gudetama isn’t my favourite but the ballerina plush is tempting me and all the drawings at the end are so cute.


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