You Wormed My Heart (Not A Typo) + Kimono Date With Lirei In Tokyo

Hi everyone!

Here are just some recent life updates.

First of all, I got sick twice this month already because of the very moody cold weather. Please do pray that I won’t get sick anymore, huhu! I feel incomplete if I don’t upload enough youtube videos and getting sick does not help, yikes!  Gambatte, self! 

It’s been crazy these weeks and I’ve been juggling work, personal life, creative collabs all at the same time. Don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, huhu. Time.. where you at?! * cries * I have a greaaaat feeling I will hibernate and be an introvert after this month and just become an obaa-chan in Saitama. I haven’t been resting these past weekends too.. oops. >_<

Anyway, March is coming soon and I’m so excited because my dream to bring my parents here to see sakura / cherry blossoms / Mt. Fuji is about to come true! I can’t wait to tour Mami & Dadi ~

Okaay, I’ve typed too long already haha. Let’s finally start with the photo collages already, shall we?

I am so happy. Thanks <3 for all the gifts! These are great for my hobonichi videos, lolol!

Got to try the Sakura Blossom Cream Frappucino & Latte with friends! Both are yummy!

Hobonichi time

Random selfies + Sakura Raspberry Milk drink from Starbucks Japan

My ultimate favorites! Matcha icecream everyday, please.

Thank you Sponsor-san, lolol

Never thought I would actually do this Valentine tradition in Japan .. since I never expected to have a nihonjin boyfriend, haha.

So yeah, I made chocolates for him. It’s the opposite in Japan (and Korea).. the girls are the ones who prepare chocolates to the guys. ^^

Actually, I didn’t really “make” those.. I just melted and reshaped the chocolates, haha! He likes matcha so much like me so I figured I should give matcha chocolates. I just mixed matcha powder + white chocolates to achieve the final product. Thankfully, I did it! I have a future in this omg guys lol

Since I’ve always been aware of the ~opposite~ Valentine tradition here in Japan, I never thought & expected that he would also surprise me!

Imagine my SHOCK when I learned he also made chocolates for me HUHUHU.. omg. It’s hard to imagine a serious-looking guy in a corporate suit, together with other cramming girls (who were all preparing to make chocolates for their loved ones), trying to look for a perfect chocolate box at a 100 yen store lolol. He also made a matcha chocolate shaped as a worm.. to worm (warm) my heart. My heart definitely wormed. :)) So cute and so sweet! :”)

And yup, I ate everything that night, haha.

I also received some gifts from my brother. I really appreciate his generosity because it’s been a while since we’ve been sweet to each other lolol. I also gave my brother and everyone in our company some handmade chocolates because #valentines, haha!



Last Thursday, I helped my sis-in-law take videos for her NHK Bento Expo feature. Hope you guys also look forward to it!

The cutest ceramics at a store in Shimokitazawa.

Went to Shirohige again for the Totoro cream puffs!

Met up with Yumi nee-san and Moeko-san for the Shimokitazawa Our Kawaii Tokyo video shoot last Saturday. So fun!

Kimono date with my highschool tomodachi, Lirei!

We rented our kimono sets by booking through this rental shop. I highly recommend this store! Will post more info in the next post ~

Thank you Lirei babes for the fun afternoon. I really missed you!

It’s amazing how nothing has changed between us! We just got older, haha!

Kawaii Journaling workshop, anyone?

Spoiled by Estudio Kudasai team.

Thank you Luna Koala team for sending the cutest koala stickers. Huhu so fat!!




And to end this post, here’s a sweet photo of Kaila and Lirei’s friendship! :”)




Hope you guys enjoyed the blog entry as much as I enjoyed drafting this one.

Love, カイラ

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  1. Love love love!!! WOah, you’re really pretty in that pink Kimono! and I’m so happy cause finally my internet can go faster and load all your pictures in a row! WOOHOO! Why Japan so romantic in February ><


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