The Gudetama (Lazy Egg) Cafe in Tokyo ?

Hi everybody!

Just sharing some photos taken during our Gudetama Cafe visit last Monday. This Gudetama Cafe will run until January 21 only so if you are in Tokyo, try your luck at Seibu Ikebukuro!

Aki and I have been working hard for our Gudetama Box venture & we’ve finally decided to give ourselves a treat (we both like saving & investing our money). It was such a GREAT meal! I think that I was even like eating with my eyes closed lololol

We went on a weekday (we had a day off at work) & we were so lucky that not so much people were there!! :O

VIDEO TOUR: GUDETAMA CAFE in Ikebukuro, Tokyo ( ぐでたまカフェ ) | Rainbowholic

*laminates the paper placemat lol*

Look at that marshmallow butt!!

Their meals were really yummy!

When you look badass and deep inside you love Gudetama hahahaha

Kinda horrific actually lol

Free postcards omg!!



And of course, here is my Hobonichi spread 🙂

Watch the Hobonichi Techo With Me Video: Hobonichi With Me | Gudetama Cafe ( ASMR .. sort of ) | ほぼ日手帳 2018


Thanks for reading! 🙂



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