Gudetama Vending Machine + Kawaii Squishies + Train Stamps in Japan

Hi everyone!

I’ve just finished my day job today & I suddenly felt like blogging to unwind and relax tonight. Gotta unload, lol!

My brain has been producing a lot of ideas that keep me awake at night and here are some of results because of that! :))

How To Make Gudetama Capsule Toy Vending Machine | ぐでたまガチャポン BOX ♡

( When you collab with your boyfriend to make artsy creations like this lol )

1. Pekotama & Gudechan sticker sheet lololol

2. Gudetama Dream Package Video + Gudetama Box

3. Pekochan cuteness everywhere ~

Gudetama’s Christmas spirit is inspiring lol

Kawaii Japanese Kanahei Squishy Unboxing ( かなヘイスクイーズ ) | Rainbowholic ?

Decided to give myself a squishie box set gift this Christmas!

Last purchase, promise! :))

Will be selling the entire box soon at! Stay tuned, fellow squishy fans!

After months of collecting footages whenever I’d go on a random train stamp adventure.. the video is finally done!

Train Stamp Rally Guide in Japan ( 駅のスタンプラリー ) | Rainbowholic ?

To make your Japan trip more memorable, always make sure to have pieces of paper with you so you can collect train stamps especially if you’re going to ride a JR train / any train!

The Railyard Store Video Tour soon! This is for people who love anything train-related!

How To Make A Japan Journal (Midori Traveler’s Notebook)




And to end today’s post, here is a picture of my first spread / page for the month of December! Time flies so fast omg *_*

Can’t wait to film a flip-through video of my 2017 adventures!! :”)

<3, カイラ

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