Channel Trailer + Rainbow Mail #04 + Kawaii Tokyo Stationery Tour?!

Hi everybody!

How’s your week going? Mine feels like it’s already wanting to end so fast, lol!

I’ve been hustlin’ everyday (will tell more about this after I survive this phase haha).. and it’s a love-and-not-so-love relationship (because “hate” is such a strong word lololol). What I’m doing is fun and exciting yes.. but it’s reaaaaaally been so challenging lately. ;_; **gambatte self* Anywaaaay ~

Yesterday night, after almost 5-7 hours of on-off editing (had to search my 4 external hard drives for the files), my official youtube channel trailer is now UP!! Omg you guys, I brainstormed about this for a month or so (changed concepts many times) and I was having second thoughts about the script I wrote 2-3 weeks ago. I’m so happy I’m done with this! :”)

Watch Rainbowholic TV‘s Youtube Channel Trailer here.


I used my favorite Fuji-san / Mt. Fuji accordion notebook here.

It’s actually for calligraphy but I use it as a journal / scrapbook, haha~

 Will upload the process video soon! :”)

For more journaling / kawaii / japan / kaila videos, please don’t forget to subscribe!

I have so many video ideas I want to execute soon yay! Topics will range from: marketing / blogging / video / photoapp editing / cultural experience sharing (ex: being a Filipina in Japan) / Japanese cooking videos with Aki lol / and soooooo much more 🙂

If you love all the Japan / kawaii content I’ve been uploading here and elsewhere in the internet (blog / youtube / instagram / fb / etc.), the best way to support so I can hopefully do these more in the future (really want to upgrade my gear so I can upload better videos) is to purchase a rainbow mail from Rainbowholic Shop.

This one is the newest stationery set and I’m offering FREE AIRMAIL shipping for all Rainbow Mails.

I absolutely enjoy packing orders for my clients + this is my simple way of connecting with my readers / supporters over the years in a more “personalized” manner.

(I will be releasing a special “box” / “rainbowholic care package” filled with stationery, Japanese souvenirs (snacks / candies), mini booklet filled with positivity & motivation, handwritten notes, happy things, etc. for my subbies. I’m really excited to collect & curate happy & cute things in 1 box.  YAAY!  Please look forward to it!)

[ New Arrivals: Kawaii Stationery From Japan ]

Since this idea got a lot of positive feedback, I have decided to push through with it and to start (try~) arranging exclusive stationery shop-hopping tour in Tokyo for my readers / subscribers / fellow stationery addicts!

I am currently working on this project together with the Japan Travel Guide (tips for first-time travelers / etc. soon!).

Let’s hoard stationery together and have a fun kawaii journaling time at a cozy cafe somewhere in 東京! More info once I’ve organized the important details of the tour and such. Might also apply or host this experience through AIRBNB. Not yet sure! 😉

Anddd that would be all for today’s blog update!

Have a productive week ahead, 皆さん!

Love, カイラ

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