Hanazuki: A World of Dreams,Treasures and Magical Mayhem

Blogging about Hanazuki‘s launch in Amsterdam once again.  :yay:

(If you are wondering why I was in Amsterdam, here are my previous posts!)


I wanted to publish this post last November but I thought I should wait patiently for the video (to give a glimpse of what we did)…

The video is somewhere below, just scroll down~ hihi  :tongue:

Sonia, Kaila, Claire, Christina and Kim

Official photos from the photographer. ^^

This was our first Hanazuki experience. We were given our customized printed fabrics.. and we had to make our own leggings out of those! :O


What Hanazuki is all about.


Claire and Christina

Their creative hub. This is where Hanazuki all started.

Every corner is just *___*


Photoshoot time  :heart:

Being cheeky with my little dreamer.

Wearing Enji’s origami necklace~


The voiceover part was on-the-spot so… my brain wasn’t really processing >_<

Thank you Hollyさん for the coordination and Parker for the video! 😀

It was freezing cold outside @_@

Luna the cutie + Hannekeさん + the Niko Stumpo!

So lucky to get to know these people who envisioned “Hanazuki”.

A video of me playing around Hanazuki’s website! 😀 I was so amazed by the flash games, animation..  *_*


I want these illustrations on print! Ahhhh…

Grabbed from their facebook 😀




Clever DIY tutorials from their pinterest! What’s your favorite? Mine’s the cloud plushie! <3


And my favorite comic-style illustration from Hanazuki..

Awww.. Isn’t that the cutest ever? <3 ;____;


And lastly, if you want to buy Hanazuki-related goodies, click here!



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