Happy Birthday Reesey! + Reese & Vica for Wanderband!

Good morning from Manila!

I’d like to take this opportunity to greet my fellow teammate from Kawaii in Manila (which branched out to Kawaii PH) Reese a happy happy birthday!



Reese is awesome and a huge inspiration to many.

I’ve known her since grade school and like what I’ve mentioned before in my previous blog entries.. she has achieved so much (and so YOUNG!!.. in all creative aspects: fashion, music and art!!) and yet, she’s still the humble Reese that we all love and know!  :star:

I even featured her here on Rainbowholic blog way, way, way back! 2011 guys!!!

Read read read?


Reeseeee, you’re like my dream Blythe doll, haha!


Also.. I have a huge favor from all of you!

Reese needs our help!

You can also greet Reese by sharing this video by Reese & Vica  :blush:

By sharing the video and liking Karpos Multimedia Inc. and Wanderland you can help the duo get to Wanderland Concert!



For complete details, please click here!


Thank you and let’s all support Reese & Vica!

Illustrated by Little Miss Paintbrush  :blush:


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Reesey! + Reese & Vica for Wanderband!

  1. Hello !! I just want to say that I really love your blog !! It’s so cute ! :’3
    Hugs from Nea from Sweden :hihi:


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