Purikura Overload + Harajuku Fashion Walk #9 For Spring Teaser Photos + Caveman Kaila!

Before the actual Harajuku Fashion Walk event, my new friend Christina (a colorful pinkysaurus_rex!) and I abused all the stamps in a Purikura machine in Takesita Dori, Harajuku!


Tell me, what color did we miss out from the rainbow? : )))


Strawberries, cute ghosts, flowers.. yup we used every possible stamp!  :heart:


Thanks for the super fun Purikura time, KURISUUUUUU~  :star:


And before going home, I was bored so I took another round of プリクラ again. Caveman with a Japanese Wagara jacket!

Those are sakura in form of a skull!  :heart:


Didn’t bring so much because I was going to run around and cover the walk for Tokyo Fashion. I’m a part contributor and part event attendee! Hahaha  :star:

Harajuku Fashion Walk #9!

These are just teaser photos. I am currently editing a video for Tokyo Fashion again ^^v



My lips became a heart! With Kuma Miki!!

The friendliest lolita girls EVER!! I should practice Japanese with them, hahaha!



Caveman Kaila + Cafe Hohokan in Harajuku with Tokyo Fashion!

I’m actually wearing an asymmetrical / lopsided leopard print dress but it was too cold not to wear a jacket over.

Stole some looks from people in the train! Good job, my shoes!

Mustache ring found in the depths of my accessory box

Gloomy Bear giving out free candies!

After the walk, I joined our little team for a quick street snap session. After that, we went to Cafe Hokan and ate burgers!! I had chilicorn dog!!

It was sooooooo delicious and more delicious when it was for free!!

Pigging out and talking about how senile monkeys tend to eat their masters’ faces…

Got to shop for a bit and got my ELECTRIC BLUE STARS DOC MARTENS back!

+ belated Christmas / birthday presents from my “bosses”!! I don’t know if I should make a video about what I got.. or about my weekend in general..

EYEING ON THIS. PLATFORMMMMMMMMM SHOES that could magically turn me into a 5 feet and 5 inch person??

After window shopping for a while, I went home. IT WAS SO COLD HUHUHU and I was in my すくない caveman outfit! : ))))



2 thoughts on “Purikura Overload + Harajuku Fashion Walk #9 For Spring Teaser Photos + Caveman Kaila!

  1. Harajuku Fashion Walk!! :heart: Soon~ (Kahit na wala akong damit na pang fashion walk TT___TT)

    And omg I’d wear those shoes EVERYWHERE!!! (kahit sa school loljk)


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