Harajuku Morning with Onegai Kaeru + Kiki and Lala Cafe Kawaii Dinner Party with Caro, Shojono Tomo and Kumamiki!

Hello guys~ good afternoon from Japan! 😀

I have been going out to meet friends and partners the past few weeks.  :blush:

For this week though, I’m going dedicate my time for work! So many backlog huhu ~

All I can say is that my teammates and I have a lot to reveal these days! 楽しみだね〜!:D


Because I feel so haru~(spring), I went pastel and floral!

Was too early for a meeting in Harajuku so I decided to stroll around~ I missed mornings such as this!


Strawberry + potato chips = why not?


Will probably go back here to buy outfit for my work x fun trip abroad next week with Anne!

Japanese kawaii design~


Super love the dresses! <3

I love how Haagen Dazs Japan has the most interesting flavors!




Met with Anji of Onegai Kaeru!


We exchanged gifts! Thank you so much for the special rainbow wing necklace, I love it!

Froggie kissu~ :3


Her hair is so amazing in real life! The gradient *_* And it’s actually more pastel blue~

Visit her blog and facebook page?  :kiss:


Walking to Shibuya now..

And came across with this Son Goku versus Luffy incredible advertising / promotion!




While waiting for Caro, I went around first.. spotted this kimono that Kyary wore!!

Amazing luck, I know haha!

After that, I visited my favorite toy / bookstore.. Village Vanguard!


All the sailormoooon! I’m sure Anz would love these!




Be@rbrick and Blythe!

Amoyamo + Ayumi Seto!

Super kawaii Funassyi!! My brother loves this character so much lolol

KAWAII MIKU omg that hair color *_*

Was surprised to see LeLe JunieMoon!

Omg the price tags *_* I can only take a photo and admire haha


What a lovely lovely day~ I missed window shopping for a short time! <3

Kiki and Lala Cafe at Shibuya Parco Part 1


Because we waited for almost 2-3 hours in line, our after-lunch meal became dinner :)))


With Caro (Sweetstreets LA!) who introduced me to work with Hasbro / Hanazuki …

.. and the Shojono Tomo! Kyary has worn her stuff too! :”)

I really am lucky to be surrounded by creative people such as them!





I love Tomo’s outfit that day, hahaha!

Have you watched her documentary via TokyoFashion.com before?


HAPPINESS! Pastel happiness!


All you need is love & coffee!

Agree? Agree!


久しぶり Kumamiki-chan! Because of my work in TokyoFashion.com before + unexpected episode together in Kawaii International, we’ve become friends!

Tuxedo mask surprised me with a rose, lol~ Lucky to get him from the random box!


Kiki and Lala hamburgers, rainbow cake.. omg

And more latte!

Thank you Caro for the treat!!



Kumamiki-chan also uploaded a vlog about our get-together! 😀 Hello chubby cheeks, hahaha~

From the Kiki and Lala shop!


Carebears x Kiki and Lala?? OMG


Extremely excited for this exhibition!!!


I love this rainbowfied art collab with Kayo Horaguchi!



Kawaii Lifestyle items haha


Was able to meet Elleanor (who vlogs for TokyoFashion.com) personally as well!

And I got to have an unexpected reunion with my TokyoFashion.com bosses / friends!! TT_TT

I had such an amazing day with all of these creative people in different fields! I won’t ever forget~ :”) Never laughed that much!! Haha!

Super super super happy~


7 thoughts on “Harajuku Morning with Onegai Kaeru + Kiki and Lala Cafe Kawaii Dinner Party with Caro, Shojono Tomo and Kumamiki!

  1. I really really love the theme of this cafe, and how the food is just so representative of the characters?! Not just plain ol’ cake and stuff :heart: :heart:

    Junie Moon :love:


  2. Oh my!! This is über cute!!!! :yay: I’d love to go to the Kiki & Lala Cafe!!! And that Care Bears collaboration… :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: It’s a comeback to my childhood… :pink:

  3. Those winged shaped jewelleries are soooo kawaii!! OMG! Sailormoon! I really love Sailormercury. Wish to go to Tokyo someday to buy all the Sailormoon merch (^-^) Start saving first 😀


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