Harajuku Reporter for NHK World’s Kawaii International

Hello ~ hello! Gomen for the overdue posts, been crazy busy these days! So many great things happening for Japan Lover Me and Rainbowholic! :O This post has been in drafts for a week now… ;_; Not gonna complain though, I think it’s better to have less time in blogging and doing more productive work. *comforts self*

Moreover, this is what I envisioned myself when I was hibernating months ago with all my dream projects (which aren’t dreams anymore ;__;). Be so busy with life that doesn’t really involve the internet (and more on meeting like-minded people / experiencing life outside). Wow, I’m growing up! Haha~..  😥


Anywaaay, back to the objective of this post, hehehe 😛

Last April 28, I appeared on NHK World’s Kawaii International program!

And it was with two of my friends, Lintang and Kumamiki-chan~ !! *_* IT WAS PURELY COINCIDENTAL GUYS HUHUHUHU ;_:


To be chosen as a Kawaii Leader, it’s really.. ;_; overwhelming!  :blank:

The Harajuku report is my first task as a “Kawaii Leader”. Also, it was sort of my prize for winning the People’s Choice Award as well.




You guys, I tripped on Japanese television while running after people to be interviewed.

It was so funny because I also said “Aray~!” which is “Ouch” in Tagalog. So funny =))

For the first part of the program, they had a Harajuku makeover project. Kumamiki and Leen met for the first time!

Kumamiki is really one of the Harajuku style icons here! I’ve collaborated with her for Japonista Sole & got to work with her whenever TokyoFashion.com would cover HFW / parties.

My bestfriend Leen isn’t really into super colorful fashion, and more of the otona-style.. so seeing her transformed into a real Harajuku fairykei girl.. it was really interesting haha! She pulled it off! 😉



UWAAAA~ :))))))


So happy I got to meet new friends while doing the report! You guys we spent so much time in Meiji Shrine! :))


Waiting, waiting…

My brother (turned manager) got a 1-second appearance on TV lololol



They love kawaii stuff !! :)) Super omoshiroii hahaha

I feel like I’m always endorsing Kiddyland Harajuku =))

He bought the whole be@rbrick series 25!!!


It was so funny because he really bought a lot of wrestler-related things (wasn’t shown on the segment) and then he got a wrestler-looking be@rbrick!! *_*

Talking about how Harajuku influenced me, etc..~

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING GUYS! Received so many tweets and tags on instagram regarding the Harajuku report. You guys are awesome!  :heart:

Behind the scenes..

Before producing such episode (even if my segment was aired for 4-7 minutes only), A LOT OF HAPPENED. Seriously ;_;

The morning before the first Harajuku shoot at around 3:00am, I experienced a super painful gallstone attack yet again. ;_; Was sent by the ambulance for the emergency room (it’s how it works in Japan).. I really thought I would have more troubles with my gallbladder during the shooting day itself but thankfully, it didn’t happen! >_<

JapanLover.me’s launch preparations + Kawaii leader shoots.. so draining *phew*..


For the special big day, I asked my Fashion sempai / oneechan Tracy to create a headpiece for me as the Harajuku Reporter!

She had it shipped so fast so that it would be early for my big day… huhuhu so sweet. Thank you Ate! I’m a proud Tiara by Tracy Dizon muse!



At Harajuku station.

Thank you Director Tsukada-san & Yurika-san  :heart:

Derpy face :))

This part wasn’t shown but we really went and ate some crepes because it’s part of the Harajuku culture.

(You go to Harajuku to dress up extra kawaii, shop, eat crepes / pancakes, take purikura.. and shop more. Haha!)


It was so tough to look for people WILLING to be interviewed! *_*


Then randomly saw Emika-chan while in Harajuku! <3

Almost giving up.. 5 more people ;_;

Then met my super colorful friend CHRISTINA!!

There was an ongoing photoshoot as well, haha~

This part wasn’t shown but I got to meet this super sweet girl named Heidi~

The Meiji Shrine segment was actually shot for 2-3 hours I think. *_*

Wanna stroll around Meiji Shrine in Harajuku..?

I wrote my wish on an Ema plate~

“I wish and pray that all my loved ones will always be safe. I hope that my shyness will just magically disappear & that my health will become SUGOI okay!!” 😀

Enjoying nature in Harajuku. <3



After that, we went back to NHK building~

Want these super kawaii Domo-kun’s in my room!!



My bag for my Domo-inspired fashion that day + me, feeling quite sickly.. about to have colds ;_;

Still sakura season that time~ ^_^

Night hanami with Hachiko @ Shibuya station  :yay:

Rainbowholic coffee hihi  :333:


Studio Shoot

On the day of studio shooting itself, this is what I wore~

I added a Rilakkuma touch on it~ ^^



BTW guys..  :hihihi:

I have something to reveal.. :O

Actually, I was contacted by Kawaii International before (June-ish last year I think).. remember this blog entry? When I went to Shibuya for a “special” meeting?

They  interviewed me regarding the episode wherein RinRinDoll & Cheesie also appeared (“making it in Japan” episode).. but I did not make it to be part of the invited guests. ;_;

After that (got pretty sad about it & I had to consider my Philippine vacation / flight too), I REALLY did my best with Rainbowholic blog. Like 100000000% BEST.  :blank:

Looking back, finally.. it all makes sense now.. why some things have to be on hold for a while, it’s because you are bound for greater things later. Hihihihi. Turn any not-so-positive feeling to productivity! ^^v

Just keep on doing your best (hitori de / by yourself) and in the future, it will really gain fruits! *_* If you guys only knew what I had to go through before.. before all of these recent achievements.. *_* SO MANY HURDLES / life lessons involved hahaha.  :blank:

During the shoot~

Waited for Leen & Kumamiki’s arrival!!

Held at Design Festa Gallery East!

My brother also came to support me. He’s wearing his favorite outfit hahahaha. It was his birthday on April 19 so I requested my friend ChiChi to draw something for my JapanLovin’ brother Kuya Eric ^^


WAITING.. waiting for my turn huhuhuhu..


With Misha Janette, Mari Sekine, Melody Yoko, Kumamiki & Leen!




Leen and me.. we’ve been through so much! Good karma is happening to our life now!  :blush:

KumaMiki-chan mecha kawaii~


どうもありがとう to the team behind Kawaii International! おつかれさまでした〜!

It’s Time.

And to summarize everything…

For some reason, the music used for this April highlight video is super relatable~  :nod:


It’s Time – Imagine Dragons

So this is what you meant 

When you said that you were spent

And now it’s time to build from the bottom of the pit

Right to the top ..

Don’t hold back

Packing my bags and giving the academy a rain check


I don’t ever wanna let you down

I don’t ever wanna leave this town

‘Cause after all

This city never sleeps at night


It’s time to begin, isn’t it?

I get a little bit bigger, but then I’ll admit

I’m just the same as I was

Now don’t you understand

That I’m never changing who I am~ ♫♪♫


Thank you for reading!  :blush:


14 thoughts on “Harajuku Reporter for NHK World’s Kawaii International

  1. Congrats Kaila! This is such a big deal :woww:
    Been following your blog for a while now, really happy for you!


  2. :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:
    so happy for you, kaila! you’re such an inspiration!
    can’t wait to continue watching your upward climb to the top! :heart:

  3. It’s so great to see you doing so well!

    I wish that you will always be very very healthy and genki :DDD

    With love,

  4. Congratulations Kaila! I really loved that episode and your outfits are always so cute!

    You”ll always be such a great inspiration for me: even during hard times you never give up and pull through! So thank you!

    Lala (Lori-Anne)

  5. You were fantastic on Kawaii International, good things come to those who wait… 🙂
    Well done! Hope to see you on there again soon! <3

  6. I HAD SO MUCH FEELINGS WHEN I SAW YOUR FACE ON OUR LAPTOP. Tipong nakakita ako ng artista?? HAHA! True story, though. I was so excited and happy to see you on NHK because I’ve always been a Kawaii-i fan and NHK’s my only connection to Japanese television here in the Philippines (+ Keyhole TV, of course) :cheer:

    When I saw Ate Leen (close kami eh jk) sa pictures of the people who entered the makeover thing I was all “OMG ATE LEEN???” and omg she looks so pretty waaaahhhh~ and she was with Kuma Miki and they were both so cute and they made rings out of erasers and I remembered the one you gave me so I made a ring too ;_________; when i’m there I hope there’s some Kawaii.i contest tapos kasama ako tapos kasama ka rin tapos fun fun fun HAHA jk

    I kept on screencapping almost everything and I filled up my sister’s desktop with your face ehehehehe *gets kicked by Ate* Anyway, I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU HUHU I’ve said this a gazillion times but I’m really happy for you + proud of you 😥 I feel like a mother but you’re older than me and you’re my wifeu so I guess I’m a proud /wifeu/ :kiss: OMEDETOUUUUUUUUU *confetti*

    Please please please do take care of yourself huhu if I were there I’d visit you and like try to take care of you (emphasis on “try”) and if you were here I’d give you lugaw all day everyday heuhuehuehue HIMNAE AJA AJA HWAITING!!!! 🙁 (Korean mode)

    Love you ate mwah mwah :heart: (ang haba na ng comment ko huhu bawi ko ‘to sa mga na-miss ko hehe)

  7. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU NEECHAN :pink: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    PIXIE DUST will be your luck :))
    don’t lose hope :))
    and remember to Rest :)) hope you’ll get better soon :heart: :heart: :heart:

  8. Hi Ate Kaila,

    I am very glad that many of your dreams are coming true! You really are an inspiring person who lives up their life to the fullest. 🙂 Looks like you had a lot of fun, and I’m sure there are more fun, kawaii, and colorful things to look forward to in the future. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful moments in Japan! :heart:


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