♡ Harajuku Welcomes Spring & Rainbowholic ☆

It has been a while since I’ve visited Harajuku! I think the last time was when I joined and covered the Harajuku Fashion Walk…  :woww:

Right after our 会話 (conversation) test, I was planning to study in Shimokitazawa and take the Odakyu Line but…. my heart dragged me to JR Line and the next thing I knew, I was in Harajuku! My favorite place in Japan!  :heart: Just two stops from Shinjuku using Yamanote Line.

If you are traveling in Tokyo and you want to visit Harajuku and buy inexpensive & lolita-inspired / unique stuff, here are my recommendations for Takeshita Street~! Read on..  :star:

Paris Kid’s accessory shop isn’t hard to spot on. You’ll see a flock of teenagers from its entrance. Most of the pieces are for only Y315!

Since it is spring now, flower crowns are definitely trendy! How I wish these weren’t roses though.. A sakura version please?

Marche offers affordable bags priced around 1900 Yen and up.

Actually, there are many Wonder Rocket branches along Takeshita Street. They often have bargain-priced items for ladies. If you find Liz Lisa too expensive, here’s your store!


Left: Marche’s front with Easter bunnies and teddies… so cute!

Right: It was closed when I got there (I don’t know if this was for temporary?!) but Be Bee is one of my favorite shops in Harajuku! Their items are unbelievably priced at approximately 200 Yen! Bought a few stuff from here before~

FANCY POCKET is for pre-teens and… children.. and child-like people (like me!). Cheap and kawaii stuff like stickers, DIY necklaces, head pieces, are sold here!

Forgot the name of the shop but this is also along Takeshita Dori. This shop always displays their stocks as shown above so it’s easy to notice when you’re wandering around Takeshita.


I wanna work as a part-time clerk in any of these shops! Dressing up + Practicing my Japanese Kaiwa (conversation) skills would be awesome..


More cute stuff  :happy:


I need that mustache tie in my life

I walked around Harajuku feeling almighty with my *KIRA KIRA* Golden Doc Martens! A Japanese guy even approached me and asked where I got this pair!

I got this around Spring last year as well, when I arrived in Japan and my brother toured me in Ueno. I got two pairs of Special Doc Martens for a price of 10,00 Yen only I think..


Hoping that my mother won’t find out how I shopped so much…

And lo and behold, my Paris Kid’s Haul. I love this so much ;_____; I know I’ll be bringing packed lunches for the whole week but I HAVE NO REGRETS

I’m currently fancy-ing cherries and strawberries!

Super cute~!

*insert rainbow meme emoticon here*

From Kinji, a popular resale shop!

One of my best buys from my favorite kawaii/decora shop, SWIMMER!

And here are my targets (a.k.a. stuff I can just wish about for the meantime ;______;):


+ super cute bird cage clock, icecream sneakers, DECO WATCH I HAVE BEEN LUSTING OVER FOR A LONG TIME ;__;

BADGIRL top from SPINNS Harajuku. I love this shop!

Got this for 400 Yen only! That’s cheap when you compare socks from Tutuana ;__;

AND *TADAAAAAAAAA* my first ever creepers!!

Which I got on SALE! It was meant to beee! I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of creepers not only because that it is a Harajuku kid’s fashion staple but creepers can add attitude to an outfit!

I’ve been looking for a simple and plain one.. and I found this lovely caramel brown shade of creepers in SPINNS! I got it for only Y1900.. my eyes couldn’t believe it!


I have a new pair of hello kitty glasses! Mustard x Magenta this time. This will be my fourth pair! Haha~

It seems like this is going to be a trend because before, I have not seen shops/stalls selling hello kitty glasses! I got my three other pairs from Hong Kong last year. : )


Today was so happppppppy that I could cry right now ;__; A shopping day in Harajuku will always be a happy day even though Harajuku robs money from females like me, haha.

Now I shall prepare my packed lunch tomorrow.. and work! and study for tomorrow’s 作文 (essay/composition) test! :O


9 thoughts on “♡ Harajuku Welcomes Spring & Rainbowholic ☆

  1. good luck with your test!!
    after reading your posts i always get into ‘kawaii mode’… my mom looks at me weirdly when i make some squealing like mad :sweatdrop: but whatever!

  2. OMG It’s mazing all this fashion, I just wanna go there and buy everything!!! Hontouni urayamashiiiiii! www I love your blog :33: I will be reading all your posts~ I’m like your fan since now, yoroshiku! :3star:

  3. Sorry for reviving an old post, but I felt I needed to thank you for these awesome recommendations! I’m in Tokyo right now and I’m trying to make sense of Harajuku. So exciting! :yay:


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