Hello from the Land of Smiles: Thailand! ??

Hi everybody!

(Or should I say, sawadee ka? Hihi)

If you’ve been following me through social media, you would know I’ve been in Thailand for a couple of days right now with Aki. Today is actually our last full day. cries

It’s my first time to go here and Bangkok really surprised me! I cannot wait to share stories about our trip! If you are looking for an Asian country to visit (and you’re living at the western side of the world), I really recommend Thailand before you visit Philippines / Indonesia / Singapore / another South-east Asian country if these countries are a little bit far from you.

Most of the people we have met here are nice and helpful even though they struggle with English. We’ve survived taking the public transportation (tuk-tuk, train, and taxi) and it is soooo affordable here! I cannot believe  that one massage session is 150-200 baht (600 yen / 300 php) and it’s the legit Thai massage! And the FOOD, oh my GOD. Thai food is so addicting! I think I would be craving for Thai food when we get back soon… ??

We also visited the famous unicorn cafe (we discovered the other zone which was less crowded) and through twitter, I found out about this cute little store in Siam Square called “Daddy and The Muscle Academy” which reminds me of Harajuku because of its kawaii aesthetic. I feel that Thailand has its own booming “kawaii” / local cute culture with themed cafes being put up! There is a mermaid cafe and I hope later, we can visit it too.

Can we take a moment of silence to appreciate this artwork by him? ☺️?❤️?


Taking and planning this trip with Aki was really random like our previous Korea trip last spring. We booked our airline tickets at some Mcdonald’s branch again, lol! This was my main inspiration why I wanted to be more fit (hence, I developed a healthier and more active lifestyle for 3 months or so). It was a huge challenge for me to save up for this one too … so this trip is really a special one for me. I’m really happy that because of this trip, I get to bond more with Aki while also enjoying our own introvert / solo moments together. For some reason, it felt like we were doing a season for “Amazing Race Asia” (reality TV program) lololol. Sooo many things happened (good, bad, and great! Lol) and you will be shocked with my stories. I am still shocked as of now, haha! ?

Anyway, more storytelling later! We gotta prepare to check out from our airbnb here in Pattaya already. ?

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With love,


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