Hello Kitty Ninja Kaira & Pastel Fairy Ninja Miki

Yesterday afternoon, we had a photoshoot for a.. brand. I’ll just surprise you guys about it after the whole preparation / event! It has been keeping me really busy these days ;__;


I really like Kuma Miki-chan. Even though I am horrible at Japanese, she’s very understanding!

It just means that everyone can still enjoy each other’s company even with language barrier 😉


It should have been “Party Baby x Rainbowholic” but 時間がなくなった。。time ran out! Purikura machines make you panic TT_TT

(more purikura below~! scroll down and enjoy!)


Ninja Cuteness~

Reunited with my bling bling kira kira sparkle sparkle hello kitty ring. : ))

Had to snap a photo of these yummy Pocky’s! Huhuhu COOKIE CRUNCH


My brother’s fiancee and I <3


Japonista Sole! While we were strolling around Harajuku, a lot of foreigners approached us because of our Ninja kicks~ <3


Hello Kitty Ninja & Beach Girl Ninja~

Right after the photoshoot, we took advantage of the free seats in Nike store in Omotesando. Haha~  :heart:

Yup, that’s a PURIKURA with Harajuku Fashion Walk organizer and Pony Princess herself, Miki-chan~!

Went inside La Foret and saw this awesome wall of rainbow glory.


Naturally.. : ))



Awkward ninja kitty..


Walking around with these jika tabi = super comfy time!!


Tokyu Plaza’s First Week of Opening!

Been wanting to go inside this mirror maze of a mall!!


Tokyu Plaza joins Harajuku and Omotesando=

Awesome mannequin with diamond and pearl lips. Chu~! : ))

Japan and technology…

A PRETTY TRAVEL SUITCASE .. to be checked someday from my wish list!

Interesting Manga bookshelf…


But to nonchalantly take / steal photos of these candles…

Who would dare light these up? WHO??


Coolest tights ever. But so expensiveeeeee! I want to buy more printed tights and the trendy tattoo tights but…

have to save up!

Salmon dinner at Jonathan’s <3

While walking home, I saw this interesting window display of Harajuku Honey. I don’t know why but it really reminded me of Pooh, my favorite character!

I saw a huge mirror in GAP so..

naturally..  : )



Another dream come true, Purikura with the girl I used to only see and admire from Tokyo Fashion HFW reports before!!!


“IT’S A HAPPY DAY TODAY!”.. indeed. <3


Will reveal everything about this.. sooner I hope!


7 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Ninja Kaira & Pastel Fairy Ninja Miki

  1. I got that Kit Kat from a friend last week, was sooooooooo happy! And Claire’s (I’m bad in remembering names when I see so many awesome stuff, so sorry if I’m wrong) dress is very cute!

  2. Kuma Miki-san’s so pretty~ I wanna meet her someday…. ;____; :heart: (And you, of course. =)))) Ate Claire’s so pretty!! And ikaw rin! OKAY. KAYO NA MAGANDA. KAYO NA TALAGA! =))

    Those candles… I will never light them up kahit ma-brown out man dito or smth =))

    Purikuraaaaaaaaaaa~ :heart:

  3. I really love reading about your adventures in Japan, but why do you take a photo of your outfit in front of every single mirror you come across? It gets a bit repetitive, but I guess it is your blog, so you do what you want.

  4. you’re all pretty :3
    I want to meet up with you some day and go to the mirror maze mall :3

    I want to have purikura with you too :3


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