Hello Spring ? + Sukajan x Dinosaur Shoot + Midori Journaling Date ?

Hi everybody!

Here are some photos from my everyday life! Enjoy the entry ~

Gave myself a treat and ate this matcha roll cake from Nana’s!

The prettiest plum blossoms. Thanks neighbor!

Sharing some photos from our Japan Souvenir Jacket shoot.

Many thanks to Kathryn for coming up with this idea!

To my friends Allie, Emika and Anne, thanks for being game!

Thank you Sabrina for helping us out!

Everybody was so fun to work with!

Emika, Allie and Sabrina

If you are into Japan travel photography, give her account a follow and you will love her!

~ @kitsunekun ~

Walking around Ueno + Yakult corner in a random kombini store

Finally got to redeem my stationery haul gift from Justin! Thank youuu Jazuuu!

February 2017 Hobonichi Techo Flip-Through + Happy Hinamatsuri! ?

Hobonichi With Me | Midori / Traveler’s Notebook Date with Momo ?

Finally met the very sweet Momo (@momolovespaper) ~

We had yummy desserts at Itonowa Cafe in Inaricho / Ueno, Tokyo.

She’s also on Youtube now! For Midori / TN inspiration, subscribe to her channel! 😉

Hobonichi With Me | La Dolce Vita 甜蜜生活 Stationery Haul From PINKOI.com

Just had to snap a photo of this cutie Keikyu Love Train

Kawaii finds ~

Journaling days ~

Also, been preparing for this Saturday’s first ever kawaii & creative workshop (Kawaii Journaling & Brush Lettering)!

If you are in Tokyo this April 22, we are inviting you to join us at MCK Studio! It will be fuuuuuun!

I’m also thinking of doing an instagram live video but still not sure! 😉

When I’ve got nothing to snap, I just take photos of kawaii Japanese packaging haha

Fave food: ODENNNN

Aki loves surprising me with these Gudetama plushies. There was never a time I didn’t get shocked. I remember getting shocked by a random lost pikachu plushie inside my bag :)))

It’s so funny because before, I would always try my best to NOT buy any Gudetama plushie….as I am aware that I have too many things already (trying my best to be practical lol how to curb my kawaii cravings?? haha)… then who would have thought I’d get a man who also likes Gudetama + likes giving out Gudetama plushies ??? ahhahahahaha omg lol

Life, you surprise me too much

My collection so far.. lolol

My friend Allie loves influencing me with her likes and hobbies :))) She’s my enabler when it comes to stationery! :”)

Because of her, I started to join KPOP dance lessons too (as part of my regular workout routine every week) ~


But seriously, thanks for sharing your discoveries and mutual passion for cuteness! I’m so happy that we are great friends :”)

*this is me being cheesy again lol*

*friendship appreciation day*

Sakura cuteness from Loft

Chuu ~

Japan-level washi tape haha

You can now color your washi tape omg

Dinner with Justin at his favorite pizza place ~

Matcha + Hinamatsuri snacks overload



And to end this post, here are more outtakes from the shoot!

Emika projecting so effortlessly …

Kathryn, always so dreamy

Watch our BTS video here:

Japan Souvenir Jacket Dinosaur Shoot | JLM-STORE.com x KITSUNEKUN

it me

Thank you friends for helping me out big time with this project


I am still blown away by the output of this project. It was a totally refreshing experience!

I also took some photos (BTS) and I’ll share those next time 🙂

Kathryn’s favorite

Thank you for waking up early everybody for this! : )

… and since this is a very appropriate photo for a greeting … 

(Belated) Happy International Women’s Day to all of the amazing women out there! We’re all awesome!



Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I enjoyed drafting this one so much ^^

I’m gonna fix some workshop stuff and might upload another Hobonichi With Me video later again.



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