Hobonichi Diaries + #ABCxRainbowholic Kansai Trip

Hi all!

I just came back from a 3-day trip to Kansai (Osaka / Kyoto) with cappie Abbey. Here are some photos I’d like to share~

I took so many photos and I hope I can blog about the whole trip soon!


Not sure if I’ve already mentioned it on the blog (ahh, my memory ;_;) but I recently got myself a Hobonichi planner / diary (Spring edition). I actually discovered this months ago when I was lurking around a LoFT branch in our area and coincidentally, one of my good friends from Australia (Hi Jenni!) posted a page of  her super kawaii hobonichi planner (lots of pretty doodles, go give her a follow on instagram)! Hobonichi kept on haunting me for a couple of months (maybe 2 or 3? haha).. and I managed to practice self-control (which was TOUGH because I’d keep on looking through hobonichi planners everytime I’d go to LoFT). I’m actually proud of my purchasing habits presently because I don’t easily buy on impulse anymore as much as before, haha! #KailaAchievements

I told myself that if we exceed our goals / objectives for Japan Lover Me Store for another month, I’d finally get myself one. And we did! I waited for Abbey to arrive as well so we can choose our hobonichi diaries together. <3


During our last day in Kansai, we went to Kyoto to view the city in full sakura bloom.

Of course, we had to rent pretty kimono sets! 😉


Wanted to take these cuties home with me!

(If you’re curious, I blogged about my Kyoto travel (Summer) before and you can read my tips here! ^^ )


Perks of having a friend who loves traveling / going around Japan / taking photos with you = pretty ig-worthy photos!


Gion was so charming.


Philosopher’s walk during Spring is a must-visit.



Osaka! Hello, Glico man!


Happiness Cafe @ Universal Studios Japan


Minion Bun!


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu-themed stall!


After waiting for so many hours, we finally made it inside!


Butterbeer + Gryffindor scarf = USJ experience is complete!


Icecream x Pocky! What a winning combination!


Hanami @ Omiya Park with Abbey ~


Thank you for the wonderful time! <3


We still have more adventures together, if you’d like to watch us, our snapchat accounts are rainbowholic.me & abbeysy! ^_^


Love, カイラ

4 thoughts on “Hobonichi Diaries + #ABCxRainbowholic Kansai Trip

  1. Gandaaaaaa! I really should visit Japan during the spring season! My past two visits were during winter when the trees are leafless hahaha. And your use of stickers in Hobonichi is giving me life right now! Where do you get ’em? 🙂

    Missing Japan,
    Pam x


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