Hobonichi Diary Updates + Kawaii Stickers + Others

Hello everybody!

Ohayou from Japan! 🙂

Here are some updates recently.

kawaii hobonichi diary kaila8

I uploaded a bunch of new videos on my youtube channel~

kawaii hobonichi diary kaila4

kawaii hobonichi diary kaila5

Stickers from Mokatokki & Oh Carol!

kawaii hobonichi diary kaila7

I will be adding new products (washi tapes / stickers!) at Rainbowholic Shop this weekend. Please stay tuned! ^^

International shipping available.

kawaii hobonichi diary kaila2

kawaii hobonichi diary kaila3

kawaii hobonichi diary kaila1

A postcard from ABC as my everyday reminder.

(I find this very relatable right now btw)

sakura nakayoshi

Got my own copy of this Nakayoshi volume featuring CCS on the cover!

Here’s a flip-through video of the Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Arc 01.

kawaii stickers

To those who have been asking me about where I get most of my kawaii stickers.. they are from Little Miss Paintbrush / Whimsicute! 🙂

You can buy from Kawaii PH Store! ^^ Go hoard ’em!


Been doodling recently. I think I want to produce my own sticker line in the future lololol


Preview of the kawaii crafts / supplies that will be available as sets! Soon @ Rainbowholic Shop ^^


Spotted this Country Ma’am Chocomint Cookies! OMG


Favorite Souvenir Jacket design as of the moment. Wisteria embroidery!

Compiled 1126-1137

Lots of new embroidered souvenir jackets @ Japan Lover Me Store!

And to end this entry, here’s a beautiful artwork by LMP / ChiChi! We just reached 100k JapanLovers on instagram! *_* OMG!


Hope you enjoyed the mini update guys~!

Love, カイラ

3 thoughts on “Hobonichi Diary Updates + Kawaii Stickers + Others

  1. Producing your own sticker line would be so cute!
    as always enjoying your post so much!
    Also congratulations on reaching this milestone, this piece of art is so pretty 🙂
    PS. One day I’ll have money to buy a souvenir jacket from Japan Lover me store!
    Love from Colombia <3

    The Mushroom Rain

  2. I need to start reading manga, for studying purposes ^^

    And you always make me remember I need a sukajan. I need to start hunting.

  3. Congrats Kaila~! 😀 You’re such an inspiration! *hugs* ^^
    I was wondering if you can make an entry about how you started jogging/exercising everyday? Maybe some tips for the beginners? 🙂


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