Hobonichi & Shop Updates + Traveler’s Factory + Bunbougu Cafe ☕

Hi everybody!

Here’s another kawaii photo spam this week! : ) Enjoy the photos ~

Visited Traveler’s Factory at Nakameguro for the first time with Knatt. We really enjoyed the stamping station in the store!

Editing a new #Hobonichi With Me video for rainbowholic.tv today! Feel free to tag #RainbowholicTV if you want your kawaii journal pages to be featured ?

Mister Donut mornings with Knatt ~

Finished decorating my Hobonichi Techo & Hobonichi Weeks diaries!

Thanks Abbey, Chichi and Knatt for my stickers!

Really enjoyed arranging this page!

Major thanks to Michelleさん for this hobonichi spread surprise for me! HUHUHUHUHU

Just updated Rainbowholic Shop with tons of kawaii stationery items from Japan!

Updated rainbowholicTV youtube channel a few days ago too ~

Hobonichi & Midori With Me | Birthday Trip in Kyoto, Japan! ?

[PREORDER] Premium Kawaii Sakura Cherry Blossom Spring Pokemon Stationery Washi Notebook Set

Lots of new sakura / cherry blossom stationery items coming your way!

Thank you so much Lizzie for this surprise postcard! So sweet!

All the pretty sakura things ~

Premium Kawaii Cherry Blossom Sakura Neko Bunny Usagi Cat Sticky Memo Set (6)


Another day at my favorite place : )

Donut + Latte please!


Journaling time ~


Thanks Abbey for this!

New favorite!

Another day after gym ~

Soooo good!

The strongest matcha gelato! :O

Only at Suzukien, Asakusa!

Thanks for treat & fun day! 😉


Korean toppoki + Turkish kebab!

Lololol Pooh, so cute!

Gudetama luggage ~

Cute Pikachu ~

So much love for Tantanmen and Mister Donut lololol

Bunbougu Cafe (stationery cafe) at Omotesando, Tokyo.

Orded salted icecream and it was YUM!

Traveler’s Factory visit ~

Gotta love stamps ~

And lastly, a super nice photo of a client’s creative book / ABC haul! Thank you Keikoさん for sending this! 😉



Hope you guys enjoyed the ~heavy~ photospam!

<3, カイラ

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