Hobonichi Techo 2018 Lineup Preview Event at Tobichi ? ?

Hi everyone!

Today, I went to Tobichi for their Hobonichi 2018 Lineup Preview. It wasn’t my first time to attend a preview event by ほぼ日 and you can check out last year’s lineup event report here.

After doing some work errands for Rainbowholic Shop, I went straight to Minami Aoyama from Shinjuku.

To go to Tobichi / Tobichi 2, just take the Tokyo Metro bound for Omotesando and the nearest exit to Tobichi store is A4 exit.

Click here for the access guide.

Took photo of a spread from my Avec.

To those who are wondering, my hobonichi planner right now is the A6 Size (Hobonichi Techo Original) but in avec version. Avec is for people who love overdoing their journals (if there is such thing, haha). It has 2 books / parts (January – June, July – December).

The start of Hobonichi 2018 lineup will be this September 1 (Friday)! More info here.

Overseas fans can purchase directly from their website. It’s in English so don’t worry ~

Anyway~ enough of the intro! Let me show you some photos I’ve taken during my Tobichi trip.

This is the Tobichi store where you can buy Hobonichi goods. You can actually buy hobonichi from LoFT / Tokyu Hands (not sure if all locations). Tobichi 2 is for events / workshops. ^^

*can you feel my heart???*

@mizutamahanco ~ !!!

If I had all the money in the world, I would purchase this! Haha

How beautiful is this?!

Whenever you purchase their magazine / Life の Book, you will get a free pin!

I’m so happy that I got the pin that I wanted! I’ll be getting ajisai / hydrangeas cover because the shade of blue is just perfect!

One of my dreams is to work with this company someday. Hope it will come true in the future!

This one is sooo beautiful too! I want all the covers huhu

This is the ajisai one that I will be getting! Are you getting one too? If yes, which design? 🙂

THIS!! This is so perfect ;_;

Dice time lolol

If I’m not mistaken, this is the freebie that online customers will be getting! This is a genius / clever idea for people who cannot decide haha

I was so lucky when I got there! Not sooo many people!

Time to do some journaling magic ~

Stamping is so therapeutic. I don’t know why, haha~


Missing my hobonichi / journaling buddies here! Wish you were with me this time.. Abbey, Allie, & Knatt!

A super friendly staff approached me and asked if she could take a photo of my journal (I was busy taking photos / videos for my blog / youtube lol) .. of course, I said yes! :”) So happy!!

lol shameless plugging

The gachapon corner was for these cute hobonichi candies! Man, I love JP events haha!

After opening the magazine, this page really surprised me! SOOO happy to see the Hobonichi community in the Philippines being featured! Saw Drea & Mishie and I immediately messaged them after seeing this feature, haha!

.. to end this post, let me just share a screenshot of my mini feature on their Tobichi website!

Really enjoyed my short visit there. If you’re in Tokyo right now and you love stationery / hobonichi like I do, I recommend visiting Tobichi and buying the visually appealing magazine (because of the freebie pin lol) ~

Video tour of the event will be uploaded one of these days on my youtube channel.

Please stay tuned! ^^

<3, カイラ

8 thoughts on “Hobonichi Techo 2018 Lineup Preview Event at Tobichi ? ?

  1. Hi. Is it true that they have a branch in Kyoto now? If you know the address , would you please let me know? Thanks!

  2. Ang saya namannnnn! 🙂 Pumunta yung hobonichi jpn dito a few months ago–that was the best! 🙂 Thanks thanks Kaila! 🙂 ?

  3. Kaila-san, is the ajisai cover only sold in stores? Couldn’t find it online. Also, do you know where I can purchase the hobonichi magazine online? Thank you!


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