Hobonichi Updates + Meeting Annika + My First “Hello” ?

Hi everyone!

Finally, I have some time to update and write something personal (scroll down below to the bottom part to read haha). I’ve been waiting for this day since last week, haha! I should be fixing some stuff right now as I’m doing a general apartment cleaning.. but..  that can wait. I really need to unload many thoughts from my brain, haha.

Moreover, I’ve been really busy preparing for JLM-STORE.com-related work and I’m going to announce a very important / special thing soon! So please look forward to it! ; )

Before I write down my thoughts, here are some updates I’ve done in my other social media outlets, haha.


Hobonichi Techo (ほぼ日手帳) + ABC Daily Journal (November 2016) Flip-Through ?


Current work-in-progress: Rainbowholic TV trailer + Opening Intro!


I finally mustered up enough courage to film and publish this first “face-to-face” video, haha!

If you are curious about how I speak irl, this is the video, lolol~

Hi there, I’m Kaila! ★ Japan, Kawaii Dreams & Creative Passions ? ]


How fitting this quote is! Thanks Abbey for the reminder 🙂


Last week, Annika and I met up for the first time! I showed her around Nippori Fabric Town (a.k.a. her heaven, haha)!


Nippori Fabric Town Date w/ Annika (日暮里繊維街) + Hobonichi With Me (ほぼ日手帳) ?


Annika‘s Video: TOKYO’S FABRIC TOWN // Nippori Fabric Town in Tokyo!


Nippori Fabric Town Guide by OurKawaii.Tokyo


I got this pretty vintage map fabric for my future Midori With Me videos haha


Love ~


I actually picked these leaves for the video lololol #effort


Cutie niece Chisa in her Japanese school uniform ~


No paper, no problem! Haha! Brainstorming session is always a refreshing activity for me 🙂


Ran out of paper and used this hoarded flier I discovered inside my bag lololol


Hope I can achieve this for Rainbowholic Blog!


Kawaii “Engrish” bakery / bakary print from my Nippori trip ~


Haven’t blogged about this yet but here’s the Tokyo Design Festa journal entry 🙂

Tokyo Design Festa (デザインフェスタ) #44 + Hobonichi With Me (ほぼ日手帳) ?


Current washi tape favorites ~




Stuffed with memories!


Current snack favorite from 7-eleven!


Christmas Stationery GIVEAWAY + Hobonichi With Me (ほぼ日手帳) ?


Output 🙂


Don’t forget to join this mini giveaway! Until Dec 13 only, hihi!


My niece Chisa is so talented omg she made rainbow gradients *_*




This stamp set from JP POST is screaming “BUY ME” at me..


Favorite washi tape: ONSEN washi!


Always a fave, haha!


I have so many favorites.. lol


Puchi pancakes from Mcdonald’s Japan ~


Another fave lol

(everything is a fave haha)


Onsen after a VERY LONG TIME omg..


The day I became courageous enough to speak in front of the camera haha


What to buy from 7-eleven Japan: KIMCHI NABE omg


Got a sweet surprise from KawaiiGroup.com!


Don’t forget to join the KAWAII BOX giveaway ~ we have 4 days left!


Watched Fantastic Beasts and got these babies!


When they surprise you with a free Starbucks drink (snow pecan nut latte omg) ~  ?☕️

These simple gestures are really the best in the world. ☺️ Thanks Justin!


Curated an album of my favorite things to do in Tokyo and it reached 8.9k shares on FB?? Omg how??

Anyway, you may read / view my suggestions here! 🙂



Ending this blog entry with overflowing gratefulness from my heart. : ) Struggling but still happy ~

It’s been so crazily busy these days (JLM Store, blog, youtube, shop, and more, omg lol) & finally, all of my youtube hard work I have invested for many months is paying off.  I’m currently enjoying learning how to edit videos (from iMovie, now I use Final Cut Pro X more). : )

Another great news is that.. “things” that I have just wished and hoped for before.. they are now slowly coming true. I’ve never imagined myself to be this busy and yet, so inspired and motivated! If this same kind of “busy-ness” happened to me last year, I would have had a breakdown lol. I think I have matured greatly this year, haha.

Right now, I just want to focus on practicing and honing my current creative skills by making meaningful content for all of my different platforms. One commenter from my intro video wrote that she watched me “grow” in this career that I pursued.. and that really struck me. Sometimes, we tend to be hard on ourselves that we don’t realize that we have improved for the better (isn’t this always the case? haha). Getting such feedback / encouraging words from you / strangers in the internet.. is really something I will never take granted for. It sounds crazy that we keep thanking each other haha.

Thank you for appreciating my work, my vision, my kawaii “mission”, and other multiple projects. I have a greater purpose why I am doing these (use self-built influence to promote positivity) and thank you for supporting and giving me extra confidence. 🙂

Can’t wait to blog about my “Year in Review” for 2016! So many precious learnings masked in failures and I’m so glad that even with those events, I still chose to keep going. So to you, please keep going, too! Life is tough, but we are tougher! 😉

With so much love and thanks,




3 thoughts on “Hobonichi Updates + Meeting Annika + My First “Hello” ?

  1. I hate it cause of my slow internet here. It needs to load about 10 seconds for every great photos here 🙁 But it’s all a lovely one! I wish I could make a lot of fabrics thing from those cute fabrics, geez!

  2. I’ve also been following your blog for quite some time now (3 or 4 years? Damn, time flies!) and it’s just amazing to see how much you’ve grown! One of the most inspiring person I know ! <3

  3. From a far away land I will always support you, you are such an inspiration to many, keep up the good work, you are awesome and deserve the best of the best.
    Lots of love from Colombia


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