#Hobonichi With Me: June 22 – 26 + Kawaii DIY Videos!

Hi everyone!

Here’s a summary of all of my #Hobonichi With Me videos from last June 22 to June 26. Also, thank you so much for supporting Rainbowholic TV! :”)

DSCF6375 hobonichi techo kawaii diary

rainbowholic tv channel art copy

Disclaimer: Channel cover art’s illustrations were drawn based on カモ 著’s “How to Illustrate” book.


Summer vibes in my room.

rainbowholic kaila fujicolor

Film roll results ~

egg socks

White shoes + egg socks = my fave combo!

DSCF7286 rainbowholic kaila DSCF7287 rainbowholic kaila

Mini shoot in my room for my youtube profile photo haha

DSCF7293 rainbowholic kaila

DSCF7289 rainbowholic kaila DSCF7290 rainbowholic kaila

Hi, awkward turtle me lololol

June 2016 Flip-through Video

DSCF5688 hobonichi techo kawaii diary

✏️ #‎Hobonichi With Me – 06/22/16 (ほぼ日手帳) – Tokyo Banana 

DSCF6224 hobonichi techo kawaii diary

✏️ #‎Hobonichi With Me – 06/23/16 (ほぼ日手帳) – The Little Prince 

DSCF6373 hobonichi techo kawaii diary

✏️ #‎Hobonichi With Me – 06/24/16 (ほぼ日手帳) 

DSCF6378 hobonichi techo kawaii diary

DSCF6412 hobonichi techo kawaii diary

DSCF6416 hobonichi techo kawaii diary

✏️ #‎Hobonichi With Me – 06/26/16 – Harajuku & DIY Photo Stickers Tutorial 

hobonichi june 27 pokemon

✏️ #‎Hobonichi With Me – 06/27/16 (ほぼ日手帳) – POKEMON x ECONECO 

DSCF6432 hobonichi techo kawaii diary

♡ #KawaiiDIY : Instax / Polaroid Bookmarks ♡ 


DSCF6890 hobonichi techo kawaii diary

New video coming soon: Hobonichi in the park!




Summer essentials for kids during the hot summer season in Japan ~





Hope you guys enjoyed scrolling down & viewing the photos ! 😉

Love, カイラ

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  1. I love your blog and your Hobonichi inspires me to scrapbook with style!!!!! ^__________________^


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