Hobonichi With Me Updates + Persistence & Consistency

Hi all!

Before I spam you guys with my Korea trip blog posts, here are some videos for Rainbowholic TV I’ve created during my mini blog hiatus.

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I relaunched my youtube with journaling process videos! I remember how difficult it was before because I was just trying things out while experimenting different video editing / shooting styles. This trip to Chichibu for the kawaii poppy flowers was my first ever Hobonichi With Me video! I didn’t even consider shooting under natural light, lol.

A hundred videos later under the Hobonichi With Me category (video count right now: 111), here I am still enjoying the process of creating and sharing. It was hard to keep the consistency and there were some weeks I didn’t want to do anything (hashtag lazy lol) but reading comments about how my videos give relaxing vibes / inspiration for someone out there made me want more to produce & not become lazy. I also made a commitment with myself to upgrade my video editing styles and I’m so happy I’ve managed to graduate from iMovie already, haha! To be persistent on learning new things / improving your craft and being consistent during the process of everything.. those were my notes to myself since the start. : )

Anyway, more long paragraphs later on! Even though I’ve become so busy from Spring, I was able to ponder and realize a lot of things during this period. I feel like I’m evolving again like a pokemon lolol.

Hobonichi With Me | ABC x Rainbowholic in Tokyo + Pastel Rainbow Icecream ??

I’m Seoul Happy With You | Korea Trip 2017 (韓国旅行) ??

Hobonichi With Me | Korea Trip 2017 + Stationery Haul ?

Hobonichi With Me | I MADE WASHI! + Premium Japanese Stationery Haul ?

Hobonichi With Me | Midori Traveler’s Notebook Meet in Tokyo ?

May 2017 Hobonichi Techo Flip-Through + Simple Days in Japan + June Goals ☀️

Hobonichi With Me | Kawaii Shinkansen Cut-out Washi Tape + Origami Hobby! ?


If you have some video suggestions for me, feel free to comment below!

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One thought on “Hobonichi With Me Updates + Persistence & Consistency

  1. I’m a new follower here!

    I don’t remember how but I stumbled upon your Hobonichi videos early this year and been watching it ever since. Like many others, I found the videos inspiring and they made me want to actively create wonderful memories for myself too. All I can say is keep those Hobonichi videos coming! Should I ever go to Tokyo one day, I’ll take one of those journaling workshops from you.

    May I suggest you to create videos on Japan? Like maybe an episodic format of the different places around Japan.

    Keep evolving!


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