#Hobonichi With Me Updates + Some Realizations Recently

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Been religiously editing videos & it feels so great to just have a creative outlet everyday. My work and my hobbies are actually almost worlds apart … & I am not complaining. I treat JLM Store 10AM-6PM everyday job as a “school” where I can learn hands-on management. At present, I am the one who is in charge of overseeing all the operations (+ heavy marketing work).  I can’t believe that the day wherein we could a hire a part-timer in the office has happened already (and she’s a super genki / cheerful 60 yr. old Japanese lady btw). I consider it as one of my milestones.. considering how small we started before.  I can still remember having some crying spells during / after work because of the pressure (self-pressure, I suppose lol) but hey, I’m still alive and smiling! These days, I am just taking everything slow (slowly but surely) even if I am forced to be fast-paced (how contradicting, haha!). Thanks to Manila team (Chichi and Kaye) for always helping me out & working with me so efficiently and effectively. I really appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication! ^_^

Enough of work-related musings, and let’s start with the hobonichi diary updates! : ) I sound so different whenever I talk about work, haha!

Just click on the links below to go to the WIP (work in progress) videos of how I arrange my hobonichi pages with different styles.

hobonichi june 16

#Hobonichi With Me 06/16

hobonichi june 15

#Hobonichi With Me 06/15

hobonichi june 14

#Hobonichi With Me 06/14

hobonichi june 12

#Hobonichi With Me 06/12

As you can tell, I’m really, really enjoying this daily hobonichi (video) project / series. Views, shares, likes are just extra stuff for me actually.

Being able to share and practice my skills (analog + digital) = absolute happiness for Kaila ^^


Just sharing this photo of a beautiful magenta hydrangea flower! I just love sharing random snaps on this blog, haha.


Went to Roppongi with Allie for the Sailormoon Exhibition!


OOTD last Sunday. Went to my first ever Philippines Festival 🙂 Modern (not so~) Maria Clara style? Haha!


Watch out for an upcoming Sailormoon spam!


Teaser of my next #Hobonichi With Me video!


Uploaded a few sets of handpicked washi + stickers! You can get some supplies from Rainbowholic Shop.

Realized I haven’t shared or written something personal or ~relatable~ here on the blog. Here are just some of my important learnings after #adulting all these years, haha!

Pensive Kaila is back!

List of things I learned these years + other thoughts:

(a.k.a. a list that would serve as a reminder to Kaila when she feels troubled)

  1. Do spend most of your energy with the right & positive crowd.
  2. People come & go and that’s okay! Some friendships / relationships aren’t meant to last forever. We all grow.
  3. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.
  4. You don’t have to follow what is laid in front of you. You have to realize that you are really THE ONE who is in control of your life.
  5. Don’t dwell in the drama being caused by others. Do hear them if you must but don’t get dragged. Be busy with something + instead.
  6. Be solution-oriented. Stop beating yourself up. The problem is already there & you just have to learn & find ways on how to fix it.
  7. Each day is both a blessing & a choice. Ask yourself: “What should I do today to get closer to the life of my dreams?
  8. Past is past and regrets do nothing anymore. Move on and learn from experience. Smile, chin up, and step forward. Believe that something great is going to happen. Trust me, the BEST is just about to arrive. Prepare for your comeback after your setback.
  9. Every little thing or change of habit goes a long, long way when added up altogether.
  10. Never lose the child in you. We grow in age but our hearts can stay the same. Don’t let the world nor the society turn you cynical and pessimistic.
  11. So what if they laugh at when you try and attempt? Don’t let the belittling voice of others move you. You are TRYING and that is pretty amazing already. Some shame others & they’re not even “trying” … And why would you believe them?
  12. Do not be afraid of failing. Failures are only “failures” if you let them be like that or you either transform these as learnings.
  13. Do something once in a while just for yourself. Do not just work to pay bills and do not always say YES to everyone. Invest in yourself through cultivating your hobbies. Self-love is outmost important.
  14. If you *feel* like you do not have a goal in life, let this one be a default then: “Be a living blessing to others.” Empower, inspire, motivate, enrich, share, and energize are the keywords.
  15. Fame, money, and others’ approval of you.. These won’t make you genuinely happy. Real happiness = when you appreciate what you have & be simply thankful for the little and big things.

Thank you for watching, reading, and scrolling down!

<3, カイラ

One thought on “#Hobonichi With Me Updates + Some Realizations Recently

  1. Hey Kaila 🙂
    Your Hobonichi diary updates look fascinating, it’s so nice of you to continue sharing your adventures ~

    Also, the Pensive Kaila section really struck a chord with me. Finding a path for yourself, letting yourself try things that make you happy and sharing a positive life with others are all ways to move forward.
    It can be difficult to consistently be the shining beacon of happiness, so we must be in tune with ourselves, remember what we’re grateful for and appreciate the incredible world around us 🙂


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