Hongkong Kawaii Adventure with Anne + Kyary Pamyu Pamyu World Tour 2014

Last week, my Kawaii.PH co-founder Anne and I traveled to Hongkong to accomplish our first overseas work.

Since many Filipinos find Hongkong their favorite place to travel and shop, we thought of making a “Kawaii HK Travel Guide” by compiling our own kawaii discoveries during our quick trip. We also went and cheered for Kyary.. and represented the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu PH community in showing support to the Kawaii Queen herself. ^_^


Personally, I feel that HK has the “Japan vibe” and I’m sure many Japanese kawaii lovers would enjoy this country. Almost all snacks in their convenience stores are from Japan! :O

Happy feet!

It was a dream come true for Anne to watch a KPP concert! *happy mom-like mode haha*

And because luck loved us, we got snapped by the press people / official photographers!

Never thought that the official KPP fanpage on facebook + a news website from HK would upload our pics…! @_@

Saw some kawaii toy stores around Mong Kok.. too bad the shops were closed :((

Nevertheless, we snapped some pics and noted names of the places we chanced upon while strolling around~

Purikura machines!! :O Best discovery, haha!

Went to Rosy Rain’s shop and bought ourselves Dress ‘N Dazzle DONUTS watch by fellow Kawaii Leader Eva Cheung!

Love my new Hodge Podge bottle cap twin keychain! <3

Ahhh, so cute!

Cannot wait to share everything!

Until the next entry,


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