Hongkong Kawaii Haul

Kawaii hand warmers for winter!  :heart:

You can twist its ears! AMAZING

Had to give in and buy this umbrella from Hongkong Disneyland ;___;

Super cute cupcake bonet!!

Capricorn forever : ) No I cannot accept the fact that I have been living a life of lies that I am indeed a Sagittarius..

Building a small collection  :heart:

Couldn’t resist! <3

I love big bows and I cannot lie ;__;

Found inexpensive kokeshi dolls! The ones in Japan are ridiculously priced. : )

Carlo wanted the Coca Cola one for some reason… hehehe

Not really part of my haul, but a gift from Carlo and his mom <3

Had to take a photo!!! So small and cute <3 Now where do I put the rainbows? Hehehe  :heart:

More updates later!


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