How I Spent My Birthday + My Kawaii Bullet Journal ?

Hi everyone!

Last January 3, I turned 27. I still couldn’t believe it, haha! You know when they say that age is just a number..? I totally agree with it! :)) I still love kawaii after all of these years and I’m not sure if it’s really just a phase during my life. It feels like my passion for kawaii culture / things will stay until I turn into a grandma, haha!

On my birthday, I spent it with Aki. He prepared a wonderful surprise for me and I got so SHOOKT when he showed me his birthday present he customized himself. Scroll down to find out haha ~

I’ve been interested in bullet journals for so long but I got a bit scared to try it out because I thought it had many rules (key / index / future log / etc.). On January 1 when I finally had some free time (just uploaded the completed journals video that period, which took me forever to compileee), I was able to create a very rainbowholic / kawaii Bullet Journal. Thanks to multiple youtube videos / Google / pinterest, I learned about many ways on how to setup your own BuJo. I even incorporated some of my usual diary / planning styles ever since! ^^v

What I love about BuJo is that you can use any kind of notebook you have. You don’t need to spend a lot! If you’re into minimalistic design, Pigma micron pens are recommended for doodling / illustrating. If you’re like me who loves washi / stickers / sticky notes / etc., then you do you applies lololol

VIDEO: ♡ Kawaii Bullet Journal Setup 2018 ♡ バレット ジャーナル | Rainbowholic

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Watch my first “Hobonichi Techo With Me” video this 2018 here~

Went to Shinjuku (Kawara Cafe) for lunch, had purikura, and then headed to Harajuku for the hatsumode (first Shinto shrine visit of the year for Japanese people). We lined up for more than an hour and the experience was worth it 🙂

Afterwards, we had a simple & yummy dinner prepared by his mom. They also gave me a cake and I was sooo happy huhuhu

Thank you always, Aki! :”)

This 2018, I’m planning a ton of great things for my youtube channel. I’ll be posting regular Hobonichi With MeTraveler’s Notebook With MeBullet Journal With Me (monthly setup, etc.), and occasional Japan vlogs here and there. I also want to introduce many places here in Japan (and other countries that I visit) through my youtube. Definitely, there will be a lot of crafting videos (kawaii + functional ones) this year! I have a big list right now after I brainstormed over the holidays and I cannot wait to start working on each project! 🙂 Please look forward to these~!




And I guess that would be all for today’s mini blog update!



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