How To Make Your Own Kawaii Dream Board

Last week, Kaye and I revamped Kawaii DIY, a blog that showcases easy craft tutorials & kawaii activity suggestions.

While brainstorming, I had an idea. Quite unusual & maybe you might not see this from other DIY / how-to websites.


Thought I should come up with a special tutorial that involves…

visualizing & dreaming.


Everyone has dreams.

But not everyone is doing something about making these dreams happen.

Did you know that the more you talk about your dreams to your family & friends (regardless of whatever kind of reaction you’d get).. the more chances that your dreams will come true?

When you announce to the world that you want to become like this, to achieve this, to do this..

…. the universe listens. And most of the time, it is obedient.

Your mind becomes open.. and you let yourself open & you begin to attract the possibilities.

Well, I feel that this will ONLY work, if you let yourself think “It’ll be hard, but I will try. I will give my best shot.

(So if you are thinking of negative thoughts, “I cannot do it” lalala~.. sorry to be frank, but your thoughts could manifest these negative feelings & outcomes in real-life setting)

Just like Paulo Coelho wrote in his book (a favorite of mine, The Alchemist)-

“When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.”

When you close your eyes, imagine the sweet outcome, motivate & push yourself even if times are tough..

… you won’t realize it but you’re already walking to your destination.

I don’t know if there is a scientific reason behind it (sharing, visualizing, etc.) but if you will.. just think of

Kaila, the girl from the Philippines, a nobody to somebody.. who got discovered because she let herself be discovered.

I am a glaring proof / evidence that crazy dreams do come true.

(I feel awkward about bragging about my achievements but if citing my success story will inspire someone out there.. then I’ll be awkward.)

I shocked a lot of people, especially my initial “eyebrow-raisers” when I was young & a wishful dreamer.

I wouldn’t say that my life is perfect now (nor that I strive it be.. i strive it be meaningful).

Sometimes, whenever I think of the troubling & frustrating times when I was just starting, or I was still in Manila praying & finding out ways on how to go to Japan…

there are still times I would find it difficult to believe that I am indeed living the dream..  that I just used to have.. now.

I don’t have magic, I don’t have secret powers.. I’m just a human being like you.. we have the same set of hands and feet, we are both blessed with a brain to make use of.  :tongue:

And after mastering the art of self-motivation & learning from failures,

I will teach you how to make use & maximize what you have.. to reach your dream.


Let’s Start!

For me, the first step is visualizing (close your eyes & listen to your heart).

Ask yourself, “What is the crazy dream that my heart truly desires?

The next step is really important & this is what we will do.

It is creating a physical reminder for everyday that you have this dream that you sincerely want to accomplish.

For this step.. 

let me teach you how to make a dream board…

… the kawaii way, and Kaila-style. Haha!


You can make a more general “dream board” about your life (own a mansion, a car, travel around the world..) but for me, for this exercise,

it is best recommended to be specific about what you want. So you can be focused to “hit the target”.

If your dream is to go & study / live in Japan, print photos of the places you want to go. Food you want to eat. Activities you want to try.

Dreaming is free, don’t be frugal. Dream excessively.

Instead of:

“I want to build a cafe in the future.”

This one is better:

“I want to build a kawaii cafe in Manila, where people can have a great time over rainbow cakes, green tea drinks, coffee.

I want to build a headquarters for Kawaii Philippines in my cafe, where my team and I can work & have fun together while accomplishing creative projects.”

Once you are ready with your thoughts / you’re motivated and pumped up… ready your materials & weapons of kawaii crafting, haha~

For this, I bought the picture frame that I really like.

I bought these kawaii stickers that I love because I know I’d be more motivated to build this dream board I have for Rainbowholic Cafe.

If you don’t have a printer or you’ve ran out of ink, you can always doodle & draw!

(Don’t tell me you can’t draw. Everyone can drawwww something! Maybe not as *that* gooood as others but still, you can..!).

Don’t forget the scissors, masking tape, glue.. the necessities.

I have doodled about this dream cafe on so many notebooks & papers (even napkins I got for free from cafes lol)…  I have also shared this idea with many friends.

It would be great if you have a friend who can help you with your dream board because when you talk to them or you think of them, you are being reminded of your own dream.

And I think that because of the fact that we are being constantly reminded about our dream (a.k.a. our happy thought), our subconscious mind would try to exhaust all our efforts in achieving it.

Big thanks to my good friend / online twin ChiChi for helping me actualizing my ideas & chicken-scratch doodles into something amazing huhu. Look at those kawaii illustrations @___@

Of course, you can either doodle / draw your dreams, or google for the closest images of your visions and then print those out. 😀

After that, cut, cut, cut~

Then here is the fun part… doing the layout for your dream board!

When you are doing this, play your favorite song that makes you feel happy & positive! Enjoy this moment. 🙂

Imagine that you have already achieved this dream.

When I was doing this dream board, I was already imagining that I’m actually blogging there with friends (making latte art too!) & making more kawaii D.I.Y. tutorials in our HQ.


You can add stickers if you want to.. I love seeing smiley & cute characters so I added more! <3

Then, place it somewhere you always notice! So that you will be reminded to work on it everyday. 🙂


I wish you good luck & more positive vibes!

I really hope & wish that the day I would hang this dream board of mine next time.. it will be in my cafe. *Gambarimasu!*

If you got inspired & you have made a dream board, please do not hesitate to send me some photos (the.rainbowholic at gmail dot com)!

Or tag me @rainbowholic on instagram with #dreamboard hashtag!


Of course, don’t forget the equally important third step after visualizing & creating a physical reminder.

It’s called taking actions.


Fight, (kawaii) dreamer!


12 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Kawaii Dream Board

  1. Super love this post (As usual ww< ''Ooh'' ((I cannot sound serious without an awkward ''ooh'' #WeirdRandomHabit))

    …I don't have my mood-board ready yet, But I have a corner of my room which i have completely dedicated to my kawaii ''collection'' ( I like to call it ''My Shrine'' LOL)
    , And as soon as I reach home from school, That is the first thing I see. It reminds me of my dreams which I will fulfill one day, And I know this sounds weird and crazy but…I spend a lot of time just looking at it, And having hallucinations/Pretending I'm already in Japan, Already in Harajuku, Heavennnnn :kawaii: :kawaii:
    ….And it makes me SUPER happy. Basically this is my favorite spot in the entire house.

    ..I don't know why I'm posting this in public and all (I'm so awkward .___. .. ) but oh well XD

    Again, Just wanted you to know someone out there really,really looks-up to Kaila-didi ;w;
    I wanna meet you one day!


  2. ((Sentences before ”ooh” ))

    I’ve been working on my mood board,I’ll send you pictures after I’m done!
    I’ve been reading ”The secret” lately, And I was thinking what a co-incidence that you posted about the Law of attraction and mood-boards! ( But then they say there are no co-incidences… *insert ”ooh” and rest of the previous comment here*

  3. Thanks SO Much! I want to do this very badly! My dream is to have a boutique in japan, with clothing made by me (GIRLY!) And a pastry shop at the back.. I know its a lot but I’d love it! :cute:

  4. you are such an amazing “go-getter” Kaila, and I admire you so much for being so good at reaching your dreams ;v; you inspire me so much! I really wish I had the energy and positive flow that you have so I could reach my dreams too! I believe leaving for university this fall will help me a lot luckily, I am really looking forward to it! ^v^ Thank you for always writing such inspiring and creative posts that makes me feel happy in my entire body and mind! <3

  5. Hi just wanted to pop in and say thank you ^^. My dream is to live in Japan as well and you have inspired me that this dream is achievable. I love how motivated you are. I always think to myself what can i do to be productive and get closer to my dream? So i’ll practice my Japanese or surf the net to find blog posts about Japan to see their experiences and recommended places, so I can go there next time when I have a chance to go to Japan. (that’s how i stumbled on to your blog!) Anyway love your blog and I hope your having a fun time in Kyoto! Watashi mo yume wo kanaeruyouni ganbarimasu!

  6. Also I’ll start making my dream board as well as it is currently the holidays here and I’m very bored. Thank you for providing a little holiday project ^^.

  7. Ah, your dream sounds so cute! I hope it comes true! Maybe it can go international and have cafes and Kawaii Team Ambassadors all around the world! I’d love to have a cafe like that in Indiana!

  8. @Abi:

    I know this was posted more than a year ago but I can’t help replying…because that is my dream too!!! I always imagined a cafe next door (connecting) rather than a pastry shop at the back, but really my dream is exactly like yours. I’d have all the waitresses and waiters wearing my designs ^_^ so cute!

    Hopefully one day can both achive our dream! がんばろう!(Let’s do our best!)

  9. I love this idea.I’m going to make my own dream board this weekend!! Makes me motivated!!!


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