I Finished A Half-Marathon (21KM) + Kawaii Journaling Videos + ETC

Hi everybody!

Omg, long time no blog?!

November was such a CRAZY month for me and I couldn’t just unload everything as I had a special event every weekend. But before I tell you guys about what happened these past few weeks, let me just share some pictures (preview yay) of a super special video coming SOON on my youtube channel!

If you love Japan and love traveling here, make it extra special through creative / kawaii journaling! I’m going to show you how you can setup your current journal so that it will be travel / Japan-ready by the time you start your adventure here, hehe! You can also do #throwback journaling like what I did before when I went to Hokkaido (and I did the journaling 1-2 years after lol).

Anyway, more on that later! Now, I want to share my overwhelming experience in preparation of my first ever 21KM run (that I had to finish in 3 hours!)

This year, I’ve been doing a lot of effort to get fit! There were of course relapses during this fitness journey but I know that I would always come back stronger and more determined! I guess one of my biggest motivations besides my personal health goals would be my partner-in-crime, Aki! Aki would always do some physical activity after his usual company work  every week and that inspired me to make more time to go to the gym, do home workout, or run around the neighborhood. He would exercise at least 3 times a week (on his own.. because Tokyo boy, and I’m local girl from Saitama haha), and I would also do my own thing on my own when we can’t meet each other during weekdays (both busy people lol).

I actually shed off some pounds and became more lean after I really made more effort than before. Though I’ve been having an active lifestyle for 2 years by jogging / running & occasional gym visits, I only got to really achieve my ideal healthy body goals this year! Hopefully before this year ends, I can share the simple adjustments (HEALTHY eating habits!) I did to lose that 5% body fat. I was around 27% before and now, my percentage ranges from 22-23% (each body is different and I’m a bit short too so these numbers might be too much for others). If you want to get to know more about what this “body fat” means, click here. It’s not the actual weight that most people think! My ultimate goal is from 18-20%, which means that I have to have a lot of remaining fat to be converted into muscle. Aki’s body age is 18 (he’s 26) and that’s also my goal lololol. I’m also 26 and my body age is 21/22. I hope that through my fitness story, I will be able to inspire others to become more active and try running (goodbye social media for an hour!) We are all not growing any younger and our metabolism really drops over the years and I really believe that it’s one’s responsibility to take care of his / her own health at the best of his / her capabilities. I am making more conscious decisions now when eating because I don’t want to go back to my very unhealthy body when I had problems with gallstones and to my declining mental health brought by severe PMS (PMDD). Now, I feel much better and I could feel the 18 yr. old energy in me to radiate from within! ^^ This 2018, I hope we will all have a healthier body, spirit, and mind!

OKAAY storytime!

Sooo flashback to months ago, I told Aki that I wanted to participate in a “fun run” in Japan. Later did I know, he actually signed us up for a half-marathon at Toda Marathon. I searched how long the distance and found out it is.. 21 KM. Twenty One kilometers! We had 3 hours to finish the half-marathon and oh boy, the preparation I did so that I can endure and finish the race.. it was INSANE.

The night before, we also practiced and we ran 12km in 1 hour or so. In freezing cold. It was around 6-7 train station stops in total.

At 5km during the half-marathon, I was already getting tired since there were slopes. At 10km, I wanted to give up.. then my knees started to feel sore but I persevered, never slowed down / walked (kept the 7:30 min pace) and paused like what I would do (because once you stop for a long time, you will feel more tired / so hard to recover). So with my 3-hour running playlist on Spotify and lots of self-motivation (food lol), I was able to do it. For some reason, when I saw we were already on the 20km mark, my body ran like never before. And we finished the race just 15 mins before the end time. Mind over matter, I guess? Lololol. Nothing is impossibruuuu

Not sure if I would ever try a full marathon in the future (42km) but for now, I’m just really proud that I finished it with Aki (he ran many full marathons before ??). My dream is to participate at Tokyo Marathon someday. We’ll see!

If you are interested in a video about running / fitness, just let me know! ^^ Perfect time to set new goals for the coming year, hehe! ^^

Gudetama Box + ABCxRainbowholic + RainbowholicTV Updates

So last month, we finally released the first Gudetama Box! The feedback was overwhelming too and we are so GRATEFUL to everyone who showed support by sharing and purchasing!

We both have full-time jobs in the morning (now, I have 2 different jobs and they always end at 8PM) so with our little time left, we team up to pack the first batch of orders! We will be making more “dream boxes” so better get updates through our instagram account!

Gudetama box orders + that time in Tachikawa ~

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And I guess that would be all for today’s super overdue blog post!

See you on youtube!

<3, カイラ

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