Ichigo Daifuku Class by MCK Studio + My Gambatteru Family in Japan✨

Hello everyone~!

I just want to share these photos taken by Justin during our Japanese wagashi (Ichigo Daifuku) class last week! Finally found an opportunity to blog about Mimiclaire’s Kitchen Studio by Claire Ocampo.

To those who do not know yet, my talented sister-in-law Claire currently teaches at her own kitchen studio here in Saitama . Last year, she won first place in a national cooking contest organized by Japan Soysauce Association with her very own Adobo creation (read: Japan Times feature). My good friend Justin (who also works for JLM Store like me, Gil and Anne) is also collaborating with her as her kitchen partner / co-instructor. They work together as Chef – Food Photographer tandem. Justin got featured in Entrepreneur Philippines website last year and you can read about his passion for photography here.

I just realized that I haven’t really shared about this other business that we have on my blog (always sukajan / souvenir jacket, haha).. so here you go! 🙂

I’m just really proud that everyone in the family is “gambatteru” (always doing his/her best) & we are all achievers in life & work.

Whenever I mention “family” here in Japan, I don’t only mean about my older brother, his family & my cousin. I’m also pertaining to my friends turned family here (hi Anne & Justin!)

We all work together with different skills / talents but we all have the same & respective goals and dreams. ^_^

facebook page | instagram | twitter

With the ever-growing popularity of the Japanese Cuisine all over the world, many visitors to Japan have become eager to try out Japanese Cooking classes as one of the best ways to enjoy the local culture and experience the wonders of Japan’s food culture first-hand. Apart from the usual routine of visiting stereotype tourist spots and famous places around Tokyo, another way of getting deeper insights into Japan’s fascinating culture is to foster some local camaraderie with people who also share this Japan love. Mimiclaire’s Kitchen Studio is born out of this passion to share the love towards Japan’s food culture – carefully mixed with some Asian and Filipino food cultural perspectives and approach to cooking and making great food. Read more.

Daifukumochi (大福餅), or Daifuku (大福) (literally “great luck”), is a Japanese confection consisting of a small round mochi (glutinous rice cake) stuffed with sweet filling, most commonly anko, sweetened red bean paste made from azuki beans. (source)

It was my first time to make ichigo daifuku and it was so much fun! It was also Anne‘s first time! 😉

*I gotta do my best here* lolol

Candid moments are the best, lol

Segue: These Japanese Souvenir Jackets are available at JLM STORE!

(pardon the shameless plug, haha)

First time to make mochi!

Getting serious ~

I’m so proud of these two! MCK Studio has really gone a long way and I’m really happy that we all help out each other as much as we can!

Styling the ichigo daifuku ~

Final look!

Time for matcha ~

If you are visiting Tokyo soon, do consider booking a fun class and learn Japanese wagashi from Claire-sensei!

Photography by Justin

Moral support by Kaila lol

Japanese Confectionery / Wagashi Classes

Tempura Soba & Zaru Soba Classes

Filipino Cuisine Classes

Food Photography + Styling Class by JustinJapan.com

Also just recently, we have started offering various Japan experience & services at Japan Lover Me Store! One of which is Justin’s in-depth photography & styling class!

delicious! specializes in food, travel, and lifestyle photography. delicious! photography is created by Justin De Jesus. Justin is currently based in Tokyo, Japan. He finished a degree in Communication Arts in De La Salle University, Philippines. He trained under renowned fashion and food photographer Shaira Luna as well as studied under one of the masters of food photography in the Philippines, Mark Floro.

our current list of clients includes: asianTraveler magazine, Manila Breakfast Magazine, Manila Cafe Shibuya. Chef’s Classics Cookwares. chefsheilla.com. Chicken Charlie. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. FOOD Magazine. F&B Report Magazine. Happy Recipe Food Group. Love, Agnessi Cookies. Ministop Philippines. Teppanyaki Brothers. (source: deliciousphoto.ph)


Japanese Matcha Macarons with Azuki Bean Filling

Food Styling and Photography 101 – Hands-on Workshop and Lessons for Beginners, Chefs, Foodies and Bloggers (3.5-4 hours) by Justin De Jesus and Mimiclaire


出張フード・スタイリング撮影サービス(4カット・セット)On-Site Food Styling and Photography Services by Justin De Jesus ( 4 lay-outs )



And before I end this blog entry, let me just share this GREAT NEWS again (because I’ve already announced this on my fb page / instagram, haha) ~



This coming Spring (March / April), my friends and I will be having kawaii + creative workshops at the MCK Studio! It is open for both locals and tourists!

Currently, we are planning to teach kawaii journaling + brush lettering, blogging 101 + social media marketing, kawaii empowerment (coaching + mentorship + etc.), basic photography + flatlay 101.. and so much more.

Since we are still pooling knowledge and information in preparation of these workshops, we’ve decided to make a survey first!

If you are going to Tokyo this Spring (or you’re living in Tokyo / Kanto region), you might be interested in our classes!

Allie, Anne and I will be the main instructors!

❤️️ Kawaii + Creative Workshops in Japan Survey ❤️️



I’m feeling a bit nervous about this but I am just sooo excited that finally, I’m going to organize events here in Japan that I am super passionate about (with my best buddies~)!!

*ugly crying*



I guess that would be all for today’s post!

Thanks for reading~! Gotta edit a video for rainbowholic.tv after this, lolol!

<3, カイラ

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