I’m a Bad Girl

No make-up! Too lazy! : ))


Oh how I wish I could go out wearing just this!  :heart:

(hello silhouette thighs & legs! : )) )

Cutest bow / winged platform shoes ever!


BADGIRL top from Spinns, Harajuku!


It was actually Maki nee-chan’s shoot for her portfolio (she’s a theater actress!). My brother told me I could join so… I changed from my pajamas to a Bad Girl look!

It was my first time to be in front of our little studio at home! Hehe  :yay:

Hopefully once my own hobby/studio room (I’ve named it Rainbow Fantasy Room = ))) ) is fixed, I’ll be able to share more fun photoshoots like this!



2 thoughts on “I’m a Bad Girl

  1. I have no idea why you couldn’t go out like that – you look adorable! I love those shoes :loveheart:

  2. @Siobhan: Huhu because it’s still so cold here! :”( Can’t go out without wearing any coat or something warm :tsk:

    And… thank you! :heart:


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