Inspired by Stella Lee

Last April 2013, I was lucky enough to be able to meet Stella, a beauty blogger from Indonesia. Many thanks to Kawaii International! 🙂

It was only for 5 days or so, but we really had a great time together. We talked a lot about the blogging life, Japan dreams, and the like. ^_^

I could relate a lot to her because not only we’re both from South-east Asia.. but we’re quite the achievers who were once “average girls” who only had extraordinary dreams and determination in our pockets. We also had the same experience wherein we tried lifting other people up.. and just got backlash instead. But of course, those hate & negativity won’t stop us from achieving our dreams~


Today is Stella’s birthday and my only wish for her would be… MORE BLESSINGS to come. Seriously, I’ve never encountered a girl who can save up that much money at such a young age (she’s younger than I am) + be invited to come to Tokyo for many gigs! I believe that Stella will encounter more and more opportunities in the future because of her hard-working and “kawaii girl” personality! 🙂

If you are dreaming about going to Japan someday, read her birthday post and be INSPIRED!

You guys, she even contributed something for “Kawaii in Manila”! How.. how.. sweet of her ;__;



Although this tweet is about T.M.R, I think that this is also about her. Hehehe!


Hope this inspired you,



3 thoughts on “Inspired by Stella Lee

  1. She is so pretty! I will take a look at her post. Congrats to her and you for all your successes – it’s girls like you that inspire me to keep going even when I have setbacks. Way to go and keep it up! :pink:


  2. Stelle is a Amazing Girl.. I read your blog and love your look~
    Good luck to stelle and you~ the dreams will come true.
    You’re, girls a inspiration from me.
    I love the tutorial~

    (sorry by bad english, it’s not perfect, but i wrote in my languaje)
    Stella es una chica increíble. Hace poco empece a leer su blog y me encanto, y adoro su look.
    Mucha suerte en sus sueños, que si ya cumplió un sueño, el resto también los hará realidad. Eso también va para ti. Ambas son una inspiración para mi. Gracias a leer sus blogs me han hecho recordar mis sueños y luchar por hacerlos realidad. Gracias :fly:

    Ame el tutorial y sin duda, lo pondré en practica.


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