International Kawaii Exchange with Liz of Cute in Korea

Last week, I received a lovely packaged shipped all the way from Korea! It was from Liz (a.k.a. Miss Kika) of!!

With her super cute cat, Milk!! @____@

Omg waaaaaaa  :happy:


Even the package is so cute!! I love the lace tape!!

dun dun dun dun

So surprised to see so many stuff. We agreed to exchange kawaii goods for 2,000 JPY!!

I love everything!!!!!!!! omg when I saw the puppy shirt I went  :heart:  :what:  :heart:

I immediately ate the ramen : )) Tastes so good!! I love how Japan and Korea are similar in so many ways.

Aqua blue / pastel (or cottoncandy) blue are absolutely my favorite colors so I was so happy when I got  these ;__;

Look at her Sugar Sweet Art! Thank you Liz for giving me some of these * squeals*


KOREAN SNACKSSSSS stickers so kawaiiii! I wanna go to Korea next year so bad ;_;

The shirt that I will be abusing for the whole summer <3 LOOK AT THE EYES ;__;


Thank you so much for the package ~ I love love love everything!


5 thoughts on “International Kawaii Exchange with Liz of Cute in Korea

  1. :yay: So glad you enjoyed everything!! Doing a kawaii exchange with you was so much fun 😀 I will do my post this weekend, I want to play with the craft kit first *_* I am so happy you like the puppy shirt too, I was like “YESSSS!” when I spotted it~ It was only about 5,000 won (so maybe 400 yen!) xoxoxoxox


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