January 3 + Food and Friends + Everyday Kawaii Life

Before you scroll down below, go and watch TV first OR check your facebook / instagram because this entry will definitely take a lot of time to load.  😆


This blog entry will contain random snaps from my handy iPhone from last December up to now~

I actually have moreeee and this one has been filtered already. : ))


Honestly, for the past days / week, I’ve been feeling drained. And a little bit lost.

I actually thought of closing down this blog (not my social media accounts) for quite a long time because of the amount of work / sudden gush of responsibilities (family-related) I have now.

But I realized that the amount of work or that the load isn’t really the problem.

It’s just that I didn’t know how to spend my time wisely nor organize everything in an efficient manner, without sacrificing something that I love doing.

It might be a bit weird but after reflecting whether to stop or not, I came up with a list on how to make blogging become more effortless on my part~ and I’m doing it now.

I have to maximize the hours I have in a day to allot time for everything that I want to accomplish.

I have to be more responsible in handling my time. : )

My aim this year is to not be tirelessly busy, but be more focused & productive so that I could have more time doing what I enjoy the most (to keep me sane, hehe)!  :yay:


Hope you enjoy the kawaii photo spam below!  :happy:

Random La La La

Before my birthday (actually during Kawaii PH launch day), ChiChi handed me a Christmas + birthday present.

I didn’t open it until it was Christmas and imagine my shock when I saw a framed giant CLOW CARD called THE RAINBOWHOLIC.

ChiChi is a creative genius!  :heart:

Watching the sunset while sitting on the grass. Simple joys that I very much treasure.

On my birthday, after attending a morning mass from our church, saw this dreamy cotton candy blue vintage beetle.

Someday, love.  :blush3:

Waiting for the sunrise from my place.


Yay for food <3

2013 ended with this great news.


#ootd for bestfriend dates!  :yay:

Birthday Eve

On January 2, I met up with my long-time highschool friends! So many laughs and nostalgia~ :”)


Delicious Filipino food for everyone! Tamarind shake, you want?

Because we’re all in for spontaneity, we decided to try the Scream Park Manila!


So many guts just to have these photos taken, haha!

The ticket price was quite expensive though. Best enjoyed with group of friends!


After the scream park (they really built a haunted house for you to explore @_@), we tried out some oldskool fair games.

It reminded me of school fair games when I was younger, haha!



Eat, Laugh, Repeat!

Hello there, beauty!


Spent some time with Chocnut, also the illustrated poodle you see on my Rainbowholic blog header, haha!


Cute cute cute!!


Finished half of this cake that my mom prepared for me. Braso de Mercedes, how can I resist?!

Inside jokes with Twin ChiChi!

Thanks for the facebook greetings, friends!  😥

Binondo food tripppp with our film cameras, hehe!

Noodles for long life, hahaha~


Fried Siopao!!!


Food coma with these people 😀

I can’t.. TT_TT

Yummy Yabu night with college folks!


Thank you, Carla!  :heart:

Loving the cup from Vanilla Cupcake Bakery!

During a family dinner~ Ordered fresh buko juiceeee!

Everyday Kawaii Life

Mornings from my dirty window, haha!

New investment, a pretty American Tourister luggage bag!


#WISHLIST  :yay:

Spending my afternoon in UP Diliman~

This is my sweet escape, just a jeepney away!


Had a lovely time touring around my juniors from my university org (AdCreate), Abbey and Ber!


Spending a warm and windy afternoon with people who are passionate about creative work / artsy life quests is just the best.  :heart:

Can I stay here forever and just enjoy the wind.. and feel the sunlight on my face?

(well, that sounded like a line from a song hahaha)


Food.  :333:

You can tell how much I’ll miss this place with my window photos, haha!

Woke up early, watched the sunrise from my window, dragged myself to work out a bit, and treated myself with a ~healthy~ breakfast feast.

This should become a routine, don’t you think?

Another birthday dinner with my  Advertising classmates / blockmates from college! FOOOOOD!

Been seeing this burger notepad, I’d definitely give this to my Burqueen (Burger Queen) friend, Emika!

Luck and Gifts

My mom won this galaxy tab from a Christmas party. And my bestfriend also won a galaxy tab. Matching friendship luck!

Been wanting to have one for social media reasons (hi work haha) but the law of attraction and positive thinking… T_T

Rainbowholic apron set gift from Kaye!


Gifts from the bestfriend. She knows me best!

From Abbey and Gel! <3

My SUPER TALENTED Interior Designer bestfriend Aya!

We are collaborating together for the future Rainbowholic Cafe here in Manila!

Spotted a kawaii trash can haha

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery @ The Fort!



Thank you to my Kawaii Photographer Anne, for my birthday shoot!

Received sponsored contact lenses from GWYSHOP! Thank you so much ~ :heart:

Practicing driving around the neighborhood~ must overcome my fear!!


And lastly, Neil Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” speech


One of the things I enjoy doing now is reading.

Because when you read, you learn.

And when you learn, you become more open-minded.

When you have an open mind, you’ll discover many things about yourself and the world.  :blush:

And the typography in this book is <3.





<3, Kaila

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