Japan Lover Me Turns Three + Cute Dino Goods+ Japan Spring Adventure Preview

Hi everyone!

Just taking a break from today’s work duties. Taking a break = blogger mode on, haha!

If you’ve been following my snaps (rainbowholic.me), you would know how I’ve become so (overly) attached to my hobonichi.

I think that this hobonichi activity has become my regular stress-reliever. Everyday, I respond to many emails and messages (mostly to answer clients’ inquiries / to disseminate tasks within my team) and I would easily get overwhelmed by everything happening all at the same time. I’ve realized that allowing myself to have a downtime (and just be myself, doodling my dreams on papers and designing the pages with washi tapes lol) is actually a good creative exercise. : ) You guys should also try it! Add more color to your day ~


It’s amazing how a simple work day like today (and mind you, it was stressful haha) became much more interesting with this simple form of leisure!


I bought some Gudetama stickers / washi tapes when I went to Sanrio Puroland before.. and I’m so happy that I finally get to use these for a personal project! 😀


God of Kawaii Zen lol


I am a huge fan of Japanese packaging and this row of carton drinks really caught my wandering eye. Props to the designers of these!



Three years ago, we launched Japan Lover Me. It’s amazing how far we’ve all gone from that point. I never expected that three years would pass by that fast. Three years of detours, experiments, failures, successful attempts (our posts that went viral), and lots of hard work. I think I need a separate blog entry just for all the #feels for this one. Being a founder of an online community + platform that now has given birth to a JLM Store.. it’s been one real crazy ride. There were lots of days and nights I’d feel hopeless (“Are we there yet..?”) but with my teammates & fellow JapanLovers by my side.. everything eventually fell into place.

Here’s to more years of worldwide JapanLove & kawaii travel infographics, haha!




And lastly, before I proceed to the actual photo diary, please allow me to introduce this kawaii DINO kickstarter project by Hedda!

heddahk dino kawaii goods

Last week, I received my dino tote bag (don’t have a proper photo yet) and it’s just so cute!! I am a huge fan of tote bags (I have a lotttt) because I love carrying convenient bags with me when I go out. Maybe next time, I should probably take a photo of all of my tote bags haha. I made a collection out of my friends’ presents ~ lol!


For more info about Hedda’s kawaii dino goods, please visit its official page here! 🙂

Photo(spam)diary of what happened these past few weeks …

Here it is! Here’s a preview of what happened these past 3-4 weeks.

After preparing for months, I finally got some time to rest and enjoy traveling with friends!

DSCF0618 japan rainbowholic

Our kawaii airbnb room when we visited Kansai for 3 days

DSCF0994 japan rainbowholic

Matchy~matchy with Abbey in Kyoto!

DSCF1084 japan rainbowholic

Wear a kimono + stroll around under the sakura skies + Kyoto = dream come true!

DSCF1028 japan rainbowholic

Work of a random talented artist we saw at Philosopher’s Walk

DSCF1019 japan rainbowholic

DSCF0980 japan rainbowholic

DSCF0989 japan rainbowholic

This day was so magical for the both of us!

DSCF0380 japan rainbowholic

DSCF0246_1 japan rainbowholic

EDO Tokyo Open-air Museum with the gang.

DSCF0566_1 japan rainbowholic

Reese’s effortless modeling skills + Sakura + Justin’s mad photo skillz = this perfect photo

DSCF0415_1 japan rainbowholic

Thank you super kind Singaporean lady for this shot!

DSCF0040 japan rainbowholic

Studio Ghibli vibes at the onsen!

DSCF0046 japan rainbowholic

DSCF0012 japan rainbowholic

Sukajan Squad!

DSCF0022 japan rainbowholic

Gilbert be slayin’

DSCF0072 japan rainbowholic

Sakura softcream!

DSCF9976 japan rainbowholic souvenir jacket sukajan

DSCF9982 japan rainbowholic

This <3

DSCF9947 japan rainbowholic

Reading Reese and friends’ published poetry book entitled “In Case You Come Back”!


DSCF1136 japan rainbowholic

At the Railway Museum here in Saitama!

DSCF1151 japan rainbowholic

*spots a blank shinkansen ride*

*runs towards it*



DSCF1145 japan rainbowholic

DSCF1217 japan rainbowholic

Reese’s first Tokyo Gig @ Shindaita (Like A Fool Records shop) ~

DSCF1234 japan rainbowholic

#BatangLansanganJP ! :))

(“Batang Lansangan” is the official name of her fanclub back in the Philippines. Lansangan means “street” in Tagalog and it’s her surname. Bata means kid/s.)

DSCF1203 japan rainbowholic

Tsum Tsum Deco Sushi Workshop with Little Miss Bento hosted by JapanAwaits.com!

Little Miss Bento / Shirley-san’s such a helpful and kind teacher! We really enjoyed her class!

DSCF0866 japan rainbowholic

Gryffindor scarf from Universal Studios Japan! *another dream come true*

DSCF0579 japan rainbowholic

While waiting at our VIP lounge after arriving in the morning ~

That’s miso soup in a paper cup by the way, haha!

DSCF0872 japan rainbowholic

BUTTERBEER so yummy!

DSCF0967 japan rainbowholic

Kyoto, sakura, and yatai!

DSCF1237 japan rainbowholic

Missing my very busy apato days with Reese and Abbey.

DSCF1236 japan rainbowholic

*stolen shot* of Abbey doing work ~

Please do not mind our shared clutter, hahaha!

DSCF0135 japan rainbowholic

Photographed by brother for JLM Store

DSCF0206 japan rainbowholic

Please do look forward to the entire series! 😉




I guess these would be all for now! So many topics covered in one blog entry, haha! Hope you guys didn’t get confused.. or have you gotten used to this guerilla blogging style of mine already? :))

Have a great weekend, everybody! Sleep, rest, and enjoy!

Love, カイラ

2 thoughts on “Japan Lover Me Turns Three + Cute Dino Goods+ Japan Spring Adventure Preview

  1. Reading your blog after a hectic week is one of my stress relievers~! The dino print is such a cutie!
    I’m booked for my two-week trip this October end!!! Hope to get to spend some time with you, Kaila~! *psst intending to bring a sukajan home with me* <3


  2. Hi Amaya! thank you for your comment! Looking forward to our kawaii date JP version! <3

    Let's do sukajan twinning by that time, haha! YAAAAAAY


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