Japanese Apartment Tour + iPad Pro First Impressions + Updates!

Hi everybody!

For today’s blog entry, I will be sharing some recent video uploads / life updates! More text / paragraphs in my next posts. : )

And waaah~ what a month so far! I tell this to myself every month / everyday btw, lol.

VIDEO: My Japanese Apartment Tour ( アパートツアー ) | Rainbowholic 

Thanks to my patrons for making this video possible! I get to hire people now ~ yay!

Rainy summer days. Weather has been unpredictable lately~ hope I don’t get sick, huhu!

FamilyMart’s purin / pudding game is going strong lol.

… and Clear Coke y’all. *_*

VIDEO: iPad Pro & Apple Pencil Unboxing + Setup | Rainbowholic

My current Japanese Summer x Fruits x Ajisai-themed #KawaiiBulletJournal!

VIDEO: Journal With Me | Kawaii Cat Paws Pen Scissors | Hobonichi Techo ( ほぼ日手帳 ) 🐾

Cat Paws pocket scissors coming soon at Rainbowholic Shop!

VIDEO: Journal With Me | Sticky Kit Japan June Stickers & Washi Kits Unboxing | Hobonichi Techo ( ほぼ日手帳 ) 🌻

Patron-exclusive content: How To Make Kawaii Notebooks

I enjoy creating and sharing content so much ~

And before I end this blog entry, here’s the streaming link for my Kawaii Int’l feature recently! 🙂

www.bit.ly/kaila-nhk (starts at 17:46)

Until my next post,


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