Japanese Play Center Tour + Receiving Love Around The World

Two days ago, I went for a Twinkle work at a Japanese play center for children! I’m always a kid at heart so when I saw the huge play area with the most amazing stuff ever (that I had not encountered when I was a kid), you could not imagine how happy I was! Work and play in one session, why not? *tears of joy*


Abused my favorite watermelon skirt for the 3rd time. I love how black shirts & an eye-catching skirt make a good CODE (coordinate).

Had some watermelon popsies as well. Was having my photo taken with the suika popsicle but the sun melted my poise and everything… : )))

Comfortable platform sneaks from Shibuya 109 + Rainbowholic’s camera  :heart:

I remember forcing my parents to drop me off at play centers when I was a kid. There was a famous play center in the Philippines & it was called “Kids at Work”.

I had the best time of my life there. : )) I had a very active childhood, if you guys weren’t aware of. I would make friends with everyone, regardless their status in life (but.. no “brats” allowed, lol).

Just as long you’re a good and sporty playmate, I would be more than willing to get sunburns with you! Hahaha! I was so active that I wasn’t afraid of falling from the bike and getting bruises every week or so. I even had my own first aid kit & I would pretend as a nurse and patient at the same time. Goodness, Kaila : )))

Anyway, this play center at Aeon (Saitama area) was soooo full of cute stuff to do!  You can do play-pretend and everything here!!

I remember having our garden’s / random neighbor’s garden leaves & flowers as my ingredients for the imaginary kitchen I had before.

I would use soil and water and pretend those were MILO drinks! : ))) Of course, I didn’t drink nor eat those. Just having fun & unleashing creativity with my neighbors.

Icecream parlor, Burger place, Post office…

Even fire trucks! @_@ And they had free costumes!!!

At the snack area…

I love the packaging so much : O

Lol I pretended to be a customer here.


Takoyaki seller! : )))


Cutest plushies ever

Pretend to be a policeman!

I would like some vanilla icecream please…

I would probably camp out in this play area when I was a kid!

Someday, I shall learn how to “be with the beat”. : )))

There’s my brother.. getting harassed by a kid


And forced this kid to have a photo with me. Just kidding!

But the look on his face is hilarious!

Fireman got lost in a sea of huge lego bricks. : ))

Takoyaki girl came to drop by! Cutest outfit ever!! I want a happi like that as well! : ))

SO CUTE : ))) And it matches well with my watermelon outfit!



The star of the day.. stepping on a pretty doll. Hahaha

Hamster Klara. simply the cutest!


And then my hair decided to tangle up : )))

I covered this kid with balls : )))

Klara was so amazed at the floating ball! : )))


Oh gosh, this is the cutest miniature city!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH it’s a kawai mini piano!! I want this for a photoshoot, haha!


Kawaii Spam!

After our 3-hour playtime, we saw a huge stationary section… and with the most kawaii stuff ever @_@

DIY deco

Prettify your own pencil case!


I want all these sparklies

Can I have my own carousel? Haha!

Baskin Robbins notebook!

Rilakkuma wall clocks! THE CUTEST!!!


Colorful uchiwa ~

Princess-style scarf for the summer heat…

So funny! Look closely at the illustration : ))

It serves with a two-way purpose. Design & safety glow-in-the-dark stickers for kids!

The cutest yukata / wa-lolita style!!

Dog summer fashion is pretty serious here..

Seriously : )))


If only I had a dog… ;_;


Postcard Exchange Lovers <3

Whenever I see something from my mailbox (which aren’t utility bills, haha) and from another country… my heart always jumps with so much glee! Handmade love does really make someone feel special~  :star:

Thank you Bianca!

Rainbow notebook made from scratch! @_@

I feel so loved!!

And then two lovely mails from America came. Thanks Annie & Marina!


Super cute ladybug card <3 Thanks Annie!

Got a unique card from Marina! <3

Thank you for the steampunk fashion accessories! These are too cool! Can’t wait to use these for my own creations~

Fron Denmark  :heart:

This is so cute!! I love the drawing & of course, the rainbow sticker  :heart:

Thank you so much everyone!!!



8 thoughts on “Japanese Play Center Tour + Receiving Love Around The World

  1. watermelon popsicle.is it delicious?
    when I was a kid, sometimes my parents drop me there too 😀
    now I’m 13 (gonna be 14 this august 10) I still wanna play in those big playgrounds.still stuck as a child XD
    children totally RULE that place.
    I wanna go to that PLACE.it will be my PARADISE.
    oh big bricks and ball paradise XD
    I’m still a child (13 yrs. old. really? XD)
    I wanna have wa lolita.the black and pink one 😀
    rilakumma *T*
    sorry if I haven’t send my post card yet to you.
    I don’t have time on printing but I’ll send it soon as possible 😀

  2. :yehey: I’m so glad that my card got to you safely! Maybe our other cards will arrive someday :sweatdrop: Thank you again for my postcard! Let’s swap again someday :333:

  3. AHHH I remember Kids At Work! But this one is SUUUPER CUTE (especially the snacks hahahah omg).

    Btw, my postcard will be (more than a bit) late because I’ll be sending it when I get back to Australia! Sorry for the wait :33:

  4. waaa KIDS AT WORK!!! i didnt have a chance to play there… I think i am the only kid who didnt experiene the goodness of kid’s at work T______T I dont know why my parents dont let me play there before (hahahahah sobrang kawalan sa buhay :)) joke)
    There’s also a playhouse here in manila called Dave’s Fun House. the setup is similar to the playhouse you went at… I also played there hahahahah thanks to my baby sister hahaha i needed to accomodate here that time…

  5. Wow, the photo where you are down with the blue bubbles and your cute skirt is really BELLE.
    We, adults, have a Amusement Park. But I think I’d prefer this kind of of park *-*

  6. OMG!!!! saammmeee pinch!! haha i used to play that way too!! was so much fun!! and we even served it to parents after inviting them as guests haha .. i miss those u.u


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