JFW International Fashion Fair with Lucy Pop Japan + Ikebana Introductory Class with Takako-sensei

Hello everybody!

Last week was pretty eventful. I went to my first ever business fair-like convention for Lucy Pop Japan (just a quick visit!) and had my first Ikebana experience (thanks to Yukie-san!).

And we have finally launched our premium Japanese store at www.japanloverme-store.com. Our main line of work in our company is mostly composed of Japanese arts and antiques and rare vintage toys / Japanese finds (from legit swords / katana, Samurai armor, paintings from EDO period, Japanese tin toys, etcetera). I don’t talk nor write about much about our main “serious” work since somebody took over my duties from before already.. and the moment we decided to jumpstart JLM years ago (big RISKS ;_;), I had become the person-in-charge to figure out ways on how to make Japan Lover Me / Kawaii Philippines to be self-sustaining projects. So far, Kawaii Fund is doing great and we are still saving those for V.I.P. (very important projects, haha) and thinking of ways on how to multiply we have pooled from the Kawaii PH Book sales. 🙂

For the past years (going three, I believe.. or 4 omg), we have invested a lot of time and JPY (we invested in creative talents such as Little Miss Paintbrush / Dolly Kaye.. and my personal brand, Rainbowholic + its co-online brands such as OurKawaii.Tokyo, etc.) and now, after knowing and learning the ropes of online marketing / e-commerce, we are taking this big step once again.

The future still feels a bit scary and sometimes the fearful Kaila would come and haunt me but I know that if I just do my best everyday with what we have, we can do all of these one-by-one. Fight! 🙂 I am very thankful for having the most supportive friends (shoutout to ChiChi, who knows how to comfort me during my paranoid days lol). You guys know who you are! 🙂

Enough of life updates, here are the photos hihi ~


Bought these yummy crackers from Kaldi! The Kumamon design made me lolol


Favorite creative socks atm


Gudetama paradise omg can I have everything ;_;


My friend Ashley will surely love this!!


Discovered a new cafe!



Met the kawaii LucyPop model, Nagisa-san!



Dropped by to give some stocks to Kamiyama-san (CEO of LucyPop).

Thank you LucyPop for believing in us!






Ikebana for Beginners with Takako-sensei of Youkoso Nihongo

Last Saturday, I was invited by Yukie-san to join her for a Ikebana classes with a Nihongo sensei. I think it was a month ago when she messaged me on facebook! 🙂 It was a random day last month haha.

I’m always up for new Japanese culture-themed experiences so I was very much excited for this class!! And to be able to practice my Nihongo? Yes please!



Yukie-san also blogged about it here.




Ikebana values “space” and the minimalistic approach. And there’s such thing as considering the angles of the flowers here.. wow *_*




My “Subject” (the tallest one) is a bit crooked / leaning to the left, but I think this one is already good to go.



Sensei’s <3


After that, Yukie-san, Edi-san, and Takako-sensei had a mini “tea party” lololol. We all had french toasts ~

The Ikebana session was very relaxing and I recommend it.

Once sensei has announced the next introductory class, I’ll tell you guys about it. If you are a foreigner living in Japan who wants to practice his / her Nihongo + learn about Japanese culture at the same time.. this one is for you, definitely! 🙂


Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I can’t wait to share more these coming days.

I had an important life realization after weeks of contemplating about it. 🙂

<3, カイラ

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