JLM Store Blogger Application + Make Your Own Funko Pop + Etc.

Hello everybody! Good evening ~ Just a quick update for tonight! ^^

jlm blogger poster-1600 - watermark

 If you are a blogger who is into Japanese culture / kawaii & would like to review products from Japan Lover Me store (online webstore coming soon!), please do send your details here so we can review. ^^

. . . . . . . . . . . .


Randoseru + Tinker Bell Funko Pop + Kawaii goods giveaway is ending soon!

Please don’t forget to participate if you have instagram! <3


A few weeks ago, I tried this Funko Pop Icon Generator by Funko.jp just for fun.

And it made me realize how much I missed doing graphic design-related activities… ;_;




And just wanna share tidbits of yesterday and today ~

And here’s a video of me dancing to “Booty” lololol : )))


<3, カイラ

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