JUIZYWOOZY: Kawaii Pop Culture!

Hello everyone~! I would like to introduce a newfound favorite Kawaii brand all the way from Indonesia called “Juizy Woozy“!  :pink:

If you’ve been following my page on facebook or instagram, you’d know how much I went crazy when the stuff arrived here… haha! 😛

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Check out all these cute stuff on their facebook~! Just browse through their albums, you’ll find lots of kawaii gems! 😀


Wearing the kawaii desserts heels!

Had baking class and wore this adorable pair top!

Yosh, banzai~!  :heart:

How adorable is their packaging??? Really creative and clever! 🙂

Kawaii products + great service + adorable extras = Super recommended!


How can you not fall in love with these! :O

Trying out one of their fashion tops!

Sir Burger Bag!

Went super rainbowholic with this one!  :heart:

Unicorn time!  :heart: I got lots of positive feedback from this shirt. Anything that has a unicorn =conversation starter! :))



If you’re already convinced to have a mini online shopping haul for yourself / kawaii lovin’ friends this Christmas after the post above, why not avail a Kawaii membership card too??


Here’s the deal:

Every customer can get a free member card for minimal purchase of $50.

The advantage of having member card is you could immediately have 10% off for any normal item (item which is not also in promo) that you buy in our store either offline or online. This member card is valid for a lifetime.

Have fun shopping, Rainbowholic friends!! <3


2 thoughts on “JUIZYWOOZY: Kawaii Pop Culture!

  1. Man, I would love to buy all of this stuff! its so cute. But I cant figure out how to on their site or if they even ship to Australia. Any pointers?


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