Kaila’s Carebear Kigurumi Fantasy x Murakami’s Rainbow Sunflower

This post is going to be so lengthy! Hope you guys will read this until the end~ This is one of my most favorite entries so far. It’s so random, chill and crazy.  :yay:


Gakusei No Seikatsu (Student’s Life) – 学生の生活

A random shot of textiles in Bunka’s textile shop. Those are still a wee bit pricey for me!


Finally got my poster contribution printed for BIL’s Bunka Sai (Festival)!!!

I wanted to make the main poster them but it was draw lots. I missed doing event posters like what I would usually do back in my adver student life!

I think I’ve been siding with minimalism now. Minimalism speaks more than a mess. : )

(I look so stressed that a heart looks prettier than my face here hehe)

Above is my original poster idea .. but Midori-sensei said that people wouldn’t be able to see the details at once (requirement). I wanted to defend it but.. Language Barrier! HAHA.. まだ。。。

I think that most of my past works or my works in general  would always have to do with “interactivity“. Even in our thesis back in college, most of my contributions would be about engaging the viewer with the material / print ad.

Now that I think of it, I also had the same style with Celsius / Ethereal posters. For the Celsius party, we had it in 3D and my creative team made 3D glasses! For Ethereal, an interactive scroll~

みて is “Look!” in English. Bunka Sai’s theme is “Because I love Japan…” thus the abuse of hearts! And oh! I forgot to mention, this is for the Karaoke contest.



Left: My customized Kaila ring! I love it so muchhhh!!

Right: I got my printer finally setup! I was so amazed with this because it has a screen and cool buttons! My printer in the Philippines is way SIMPLER! Japan and printers..

While studying at Bunka’s canteen.. had enough time to take photos of my hagaki collaboration with Little Miss Paintbrush!!

Kaila Photography x Amazing Illustrator Skills of Chichi!!


What I wore last wednesday. Floral on Floral!


Interesting cat stuff toy somewhere in Omiya = ))))

Went to Omiya for Don Quijote but it was such a fail! Google Maps wasn’t working!!!


Bought this DECEIVING iPhone camera case!!!! I had lots of people deceived by this! Hehe.

Leen told me I look like a hiphop star in this outfit = )) With the jacket + hoop earrings! Haha

And just random stuff..

I swear that someday, my works would be posted here!! RIGHT HERE!!

This is why I love how the Japanese think of fashion.

The poodle needs a picture on my blog! Hehehe. Kawaii deshou..!

We had an interview with random Japanese people (had to practice conversations).. and this was our collage.

I took the lead, hence the polka dots and cotton candy blue paper and polaroids!

After class, sensei gave us Bunka magazines of events from last year. I can’t wait for the fashion shows!!


Random stuff I found in Don Quijote last night..





Carebear Kigurumi Kaila x Takashi Murakami Rainbow Sunflower


My brother got this rare hugeass Takashi Murakami Rainbow Sunflower (not sure of the name : |). Saw mini sizes of this in Roponggi!


Too bad this isn’t going to be mine! Huhuhu. Spot my cute night slippers for bed..

This is the Kigurumi way of life!!! I want to collect all carebears!!

Wearing my super comfy gloves because of the Autumn cold : |

Can I keep you forever?

I wanna cuddle with you!!!

This is how we should sleep!!  :3:

And so I took my pink sneakers and kumo umbrella  :heart:


I have the sky with me ~


No, I haven’t lost it. Actually, I was really embarrassed to go out in this.

How can you enjoy life without facing your fears?


Go crazy!!





OOPSSS a hole!!


3 thoughts on “Kaila’s Carebear Kigurumi Fantasy x Murakami’s Rainbow Sunflower

  1. Omg textiles… *________* I’d fly to Japan just to get pretty textiles~ (It’s hard to find pretty & cute ones here in the Philippines T^T)

    Your ring is so pretty omg~ AND THOSE POSTCARDS ARE SO KAWAII. *HEARTS EVERYWHERE* Oh and I LOVE your iPhone case. I thought it was a really one then I noticed the small camera hole…

    And yeah Japan’s fashion is really awesome. @w@

    THAT BIG RAINBOW SUNFLOWER PILLOW IS :heart: And omg ate the video is so sabaw and kawaii at the same time :(((( And I just really laughed when you gave the sunflower some “sunshine” :(( =))))

  2. GRABBBBE you have that iCLICK phone case…. I was in HK a few days ago and lagi ko nakikita yung case na yan… hahah TRUE TRUE TRUE super deceiving sha sa una! I got sad nga eh kasi there’s a bunch of cute iPhone cases sana for ipad rin (meron nga kaso only for ipad2s only.. it sucks to be me hahaha drama) :))

    Sayang ok sana ung poster na ginawa mo.. sa school marami rin gumagawa ng mga mala ganyan na interactive. nakakatuwa pag interactive eh kasi may “AAAAAH FACTOR”

    Backreading ako ngayon sa blog mo XD


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