Kaila’s Current Room + How I Arrange My Thoughts + Little INKPLAY Shop & Imani’s Kawaii Dreams

Hello everybody! 🙂

This blog post is composed of 3 random parts and I hope it’s okay haha. I have so many things to share and I find it the hardest to try to combine everything together in unison lolol especially when so many things are happening all at the same time! *_*


Been juggling Rainbowholic, KPH Store, Design Festa preparations, OKT, JLM Store altogether ~ Hopefully I can finish all before May ends!

I need another Kaila in my life lolol #KailaProblems



Spot my Marie cookies!! These are my favorites <3


Showing off my Kawaii Sticker collections. Who says you’re too old for kawaii sticker collections??

(World: I do, lol :)) )

How I organize my ideas

While I was looking for a sketch pad, I came across these pages when I was organizing my ideas for the meet-up I had last year in Manila. Some people are curious about my idea process, so here’s a preview of how I organize my thoughts for any project. : )


I like notebooks / mini sketchpads a lot. <3 Got this real cheap from a bookstore in Manila.

And because.. carebears. Haha!

If you tend to have a creative “burnout” like me, notebooks + colorful pens HELP a lot to prevent this.



As you can see, my handwriting rocks. Hahaha.


I love my pages / bullets colored! 🙂


You can check the output of my talk here and here.



After writing, I do the execution. What I love about writing my thoughts on paper is that I can have the physical evidence of my ideas-turned-into-realities. <3

If you find it hard to form / combine all ideas, try the traditional way before opening Microsoft Word. The computer has too many distractions (hi internet, the enemy of productivity haha) and being one-on-one with a pen and paper would enable anyone to write freely and more fluidly. ^^v

Supporting A Big Kawaii Dream

Last year, I received a great and inspiring news from Imani of I.P. Brand Inkplay & Art. :”)

She emailed me to ask for support / my blessing for her kawaii art classes in DC which are catered for “at risk” youth. She was one labeled as such before, and now that she wants to give back and help others. I think that we need more people in this world like her. : )

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 10.25.49 PM

Fast forward, we exchanged more emails and she told me about this big dream of hers. I know how dedicated this woman is so I am really positive that she will reach her goal! ^^

(A disclaimer though, this is not a sponsored post and I just wanted to share this because I believe in #KawaiiEmpowerment. 🙂 )


She based the Kawaii deco Domo-kun from my tutorial before from Kawaii D.I.Y. blog! Thank you, Imani!

You can read more about the Wellness Day activity here! : )


Anyway, to get straight to the point, I’d like to share this grand dream of Imani.

Basically, she wants to create her own kawaii space for her brand for many meaningful purposes through “Little INKPLAY SHOP”. First, she wants to give #KawaiiInDaHood a home.  Having a physical space to create opportunities not only for herself but for others is one of the main objectives of this. We have the same vision for Kawaii Philippines about using kawaii as empowerment  and as a believer of this movement, I want to encourage her and spread the news with Rainbowholic Blog. Honestly, it is easy to start a cause but not everyone who starts such movement has the unspoken -required- sincerity to make it happen. It’s not about getting credit / recognition / how much money you can make / eyeballs you get by “starting a cause”, but how whole-hearted you are to reach others. Integrity, I guess? : )

[From jetadoreipbrand.com]


I have nooooo earthly idea of where to go with this formal announcement. I mean, what can I say?! I have dreams … and I hope one day to be able to live them out in their complete goodness. But for now, one day and one step at a time.

I can truly say that some of my long term goals seem so ginormous that I fear that I won’t reach them. But I guess that’s where us dreamers have to learn to ask for help … and in that, maybe share dreams and make them a reality.

I am a fan of long term goals. They ensure survival and always having something to press for, making life a lot more adventurous and meaningful. I have dreamed of things I’d like to touch, see, and achieve since I was much, much younger. My dream in school was to become an artist. My dream in high school was to create my own business. By college, my dream was to create and have my art travel to places that I could only dream of visiting. As I started my journey to become a tattoo artist, my dream was to create a lifestyle for myself infused with creativity and culture.

Thankfully, I can say that I have been extremely blessed to reach all of those. See the way my dreams work is that I will dream for a long time until I am convinced it can/ will become a solid goal. once it becomes a goal, I decide whether it is a long or short-term goal and what I have already put in order from fighting for the previous dream (dreams should connect, I think … like a breadcrumb trail, or building blocks, even), once comfortable, I roll my sleeves up and get to work.

Now after almost a decade of working towards my last few dreams, I have started dreaming again.

(Read More)


At the moment, she has an ongoing fundraising campaign through Go Fund Me. She has reached $1,000+ already out of her  $10,000 goal since March. I think that this dream of hers has a HUGE potential. And I believe that if we support her, we are actually supporting more people and inspiring / educating them on how to be firm about your dreams. Also, I find her being so passionate in this to be inspirational. I can relate a lot with this woman because we both believe that if you are given luck / blessings in life, responding to your calling isn’t the end of it. You can maximize these by becoming another blessing / luck for others, too! : ) My way of helping her is through this blog, and getting the message out there. And I hope that you can take time to look / share / consider it too! ^^


I guess that would be all for today’s -unified- blog post lolol.

Getting ready for a super busy weekend for Design Festa! : )

<3, カイラ

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