Kaila in Hokkaido: A Special Kawaii Travel Series

Hello 皆様!

To start off this special kawaii travel series on the blog, I prepared a Hokkaido video summary which you can watch below (after this photo + essay lolol, hihi)~!

Kaila in Hokkaido

It’s been a week or so since my Hokkaido dream (it felt like I was in my own dream the whole time huhu)… and I’m missing it very much. I have realized a lot of important things about myself during this trip. Work and side projects really kept me busy for so many months and I already reached the point where I was just so exhausted and uninspired.. and my soul was craving to just take a break and go solo travel somewhere.

If last year was Kyoto, I picked Sapporo this time. Since I only had limited budget (most of the budget used was through blog earnings, huhu thank you Rainbowholic blog) and this was quite spontaneous, I could only travel within Japan. Even though I stayed at Sapporo most of the time, I had a lot of day trips to other places. I got lost a lot of times but I discovered a lot of places, too. I was able to converse with strangers, exchange smiles with random obaa-chans and grandpas, and find my way back to my airbnb home with a huge smile on my face as a souvenir for the day.


Traveling alone somewhere unknown would always inspire my creative spirits. Because of my very hectic pacing here at work (I am still struggling with juggling everything huhu), I have taken advantage of the simplest things that would always cheer me up in a normal day. >_<

During my trip, I probably looked like a crazy girl who had big wandering eyes with matching grin plastered on her face. Heck, even my tiring legs could not stop me from being so happy and giddy during my 5-day trip!

The sight of the summer flowers, the refreshing cool air while you ride your bike and you don’t know where you’re going (#OnlyInJapan I could do this without being in trouble), the train ride with the sea and the sunset as the view… It was such a majestic and unforgettable experience that I would still replay over and over again inside my head. ;__; *SIGHHHH* *

… ~ anyway, before I go on and on (more stories coming next!!), here’s the video that I’ve prepared! :”)

(Please watch in HD~!)

Kaila in Hokkaido

After resuming back to work and facing more responsibilities now (more dreams, more problems to solve, lololol), there had been days (~recently) that I just feel drained (ohh the highs and lows of #lifeeeee) . But of course, I have to slap myself & to constantly remind myself that I am in no position to complain even things are currently tough & challenging and… to be just simply grateful. I still don’t know how I managed to reward myself with such a memorable travel experience (miracleee) but omg, thank you Guy Up There for making it possible. >_<

Can’t wait to start the next blog entry! For now, rest! ^^v

<3, カイラ

2 thoughts on “Kaila in Hokkaido: A Special Kawaii Travel Series

  1. Hey, Kaila!

    I can really relate to your situation at work and how you juggled it with your travel. I travelled to Nagoya this year and because of the hectic schedule at work and minimal budget, I chose to eliminate travelling far from Nagoya and travel within Aichi Prefecture. I was actually with some companions but had a separate itinerary from them and so I went on solo. I just liked the feeling of being on your own, getting lost in an unknown place and meeting fellow travellers.

    Overall, I must say it was fun and refreshing experience. And with that, I’m hoping and looking forward to do a full solo travel next year.



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