Kaila’s Little Kitchen + Japonista Sole Jika Tabi Remakes!

One of my womanly dreams (wow those exist) is to have a little kitchen where I can make pancakes, invent my own omelettes.. and bake rainbow cupcakes.  :peace:

I am proud to say that I am already able to do the first things mentioned above. Rainbow cupcakes can wait… at least I am one step closer to attain that dream! I have my own kitchen now!!!  :star:

Before, our kitchen here isn’t even a “kitchen”. My brother lived his life (before I disturbed him by coming here to Japan, haha) with only a microwave + easy access to a MINISTOP here. Finally, I convinced him to buy a second-hand stove from a recycle shop (wherein you can find gems at lowest prices) where I could practice my then non-existing cooking skills. I wanted to copy Royal Host’s pancakes but unfortunately… their secret pancake recipe still remains undiscovered by me. I can make amoeba-shaped, burnt, or raw pancakes though…

Thankfully, I have a future sister-in-law like Ate Claire who has been helping me with cooking and kitchen stuff. She was the one who taught me to make my own pasta!! Oh boy, I was so happy that time!!

Most of the stuff are from Seria (my favorite 100 yen shop) + from Ate Claire’s kitchen before ^^v

It looks much better than it was before! It was so… bad that I didn’t like the idea of visitors coming to our little place : ))))

My favorite characters <3


For today’s lunch…


(and friends, I was wearing a tank top inside this super cute apron! : ))) )

From 100 yen shop! For kitchen decor and container for my chocolates…

Sanrio Puroland souvenir plate = RECYCLED !  :heart:

Bottlecap opener freebies~



Japonista Sole Jika Tabi… ART remake..??

I spent the whole night yesterday finishing work for Japonista Sole. More details about that on my next entries~  :star:

BOWHOLIC Luscious Red Jika Tabi

Actually, I was finished with this around 1.5 weeks ago? Made a few final adjustments last night ^^v

Coincidentally, Kuma Miki-san and I had the same flower idea! I was too shy to bring it out when I saw hers :O


Added a hint of Murakami… which was inspired by the art below  :333:

(Oh btw, if you are interested in this, we are selling it ^^v)



That’s all!

And wow, wasn’t that a very colorful entry? Haha  :heart:

Bai baiiii~! カイラ

5 thoughts on “Kaila’s Little Kitchen + Japonista Sole Jika Tabi Remakes!

  1. what a cute kitchen :heart: :heart: and rilakkuma overload :love: :love: :love: omg i will love to have a kitchen like this :hihihi: :hihihi: i will love to cook there :nod: even if i like to make alot of sweets it will more cute with a kawaii decor :333: :333:


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