Kamakura’s Ajisai Gardens + Rainbowholic Shop Updates + Life Recently

Hi all!

Here’s my creative photo spam report of our Kamakura adventure last month. Many thanks to Yumiさん for helping me out with the videos and for all the inspiring conversations with you. :”)

Hope you guys enjoy the photo collages as much as I enjoyed making them. ^^

From Tokyo Station, it’s almost an hour away by JR Line (920 JPY for one way). For the directions using Google Maps, please click here.

Ride the JR Yokosuka Line bound for ZUSHI and get off at Kamakura station. You can explore the area by riding the buses or enjoy “Enoden”, their cute little train. Since this is a very touristy spot, there are many passengers riding this train.

I would recommend traveling to Kamakura during a weekday instead of a weekend. We went on a Friday and it was already super packed, what more if it was a weekend, omg lol ~

VIDEO: Hobonichi With Me | Kamakura for Ajisai / Hydrangeas (Hasedera Temple & Meigetsu-in) ?

Before embarking on any adventure here, as a Japan travel fan, I would recommend that you visit the station’s tourist information booth as they have LOADS of free travel information especially in a place like Kamakura. We originally wanted to visit Meigetsu-in (Ajisai Temple) because of its famous ajisai pathway photo (for the love of #instagram lol). However, we thought it was located at Hasedera Temple since it’s also known for its blue & purple seas of Ajisai. Our target / main goal that day was to take a similar photo of that pathway but we had an interesting change of plans, as I have mentioned haha.

If you are planning to cover these two temples in one day during the next Ajisai season, I would suggest that you arrive earlier (maybe 10AM) and go straight to Meigetsu-in (Kita Kamakura) first to avoid the flock of local and foreign tourists. After that, have some quick lunch and ride the Enoden back at Kamakura station for Hasedera Temple. Upon entering the temple, go to the entrance and get a number and wait for your turn to queue. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself when exploring around Japan during summer! It was too hot that day, lolol.

Hasedera Temple Official Website | ACCESS GUIDE

All of these photos were just taken using my Iphone 6 plus.

Why I love traveling around Japan: Even if it gets crowded, most people would not dare to cut in line. It’s so organized that even if you were raised in another country that does not instill the same discipline, you would be inspired and do as the Japanese people do. #GaijinConfession lol

If you’re in Japan to travel, please don’t cut lines, thank you 😉

Fantastic view from the top!

Even if that day was super hot, seeing these blue / purple / white flowers was really refreshing!

After spending an hour or so in Hasedera Temple, we got hungry ~

There was a nearby cool vintage cafe there. If you love Japanese antiques / souvenirs, check this store out ^^

I forgot the name of this place but just around the area of Hasedera Temple, there was a Monjayaki / Okonimiyaki restaurant. Really enjoyed our quick lunch there!

Train goods + Ajisai candies ~

After that, we went back to Kamakura Station using Enoden. We used JR line to go to Kita Kamakura for Meigetsu-in.

Meigetsu-in (Ajisai Temple) | ACCESS GUIDE

Unfortunately, since there were sooo many tourists, we couldn’t get the instagram photo of the famous ajisai pathway, lol! Maybe try again next year? : ) To those who are wondering, we visited these places last June 23.

After our adventure, we had some delicious Japanese dessert at a nearby cafe. If ever you see their menu / poster outside the area of Meigetsu-in, you should try their “anmitsu”! Super yummy! 😉



And the first part of this blog entry ends here. Keep on scrolling for more! ~

Rainbowholic Shop’s Newest Kawaii Stationery Sets

I’ve been working really hard these past few weeks to stock up on many stationery items / sets at Rainbowholic Shop.

I uploaded almost a hundred (or less ? ) since last month and some are on SALE, so please check out my shop if you are interested! 🙂

( Left: coming soon )

The ABCS of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy is also bundled with a pen you can use for practice!

All these kawaii stationery from Japan ~

Free Colorful Shower Pocky for every 3000 JPY + worth of order!

Promo ends this July 20, 2017.

And to end this part, let me present to you the newest & most exciting product I have in store for everybody!!

*confetti* Here is RAINBOWWW MAIIILLLL *confetti*

This rainbow mail with FREE Airmail Shipping will be packed using an B6 envelope decorated with love by Kaila.

Here are the kawaii assorted contents (with the theme “Colorful Japanese Summer”) that will be included in the envelope:

  • 2 washi sampler cards
  • 10 sticker flakes
  • 5 memo pad sheets
  • 5 sticky note sheets
  • 4 origami sheets (folded into 2)
  • 1 sticker sheet
  • random stationery goodies from my personal collection
  • … surprise Japanese souvenirs (train stamp ephemera / etc.)

Expected processing date is July 31, 2017.

Will be adding more interesting stationery sets / bundles / happy mails! Make sure to keep updated by following our store account at @rainbowholic.shop. : )

Last week, I’ve uploaded this flip-through video of my Hobonichi Techo Cousin (Avec) featuring pages from the first half of the year. Cannot believe time flies so fast, waaah!


VIDEO: Kawaii Hobonichi Diary Flip-Through (JANUARY – JUNE 2017) ?

Some kawaii tanabata decorations in the train station ~

Aki gave me this freebie he got when he bought greentea from a kombini. This keeps your drink stay cool for a longer time.

Genius, Japan.. genius! Lol.

( Have to agree that it’s a great marketing move lol )

And lastly, while I was looking at random things in a Ministop branch, I discovered that they currently have a collaboration with Cardcaptor Sakura! I just took photos of these and haven’t tried as I’m trying my best to reach my fitness goal in a few months, lol.

I attempted to install these cute very youtube-y christmas lights in my mini home office / studio but they fell down when I woke up. Now, they’re all tangled up (#fail lololol). I wonder what kind of tape should I use for these? I also tried pins / thumb tacks but it didn’t stay for a long time. Oh well, haha!




Hope you guys enjoyed my super lengthy blog! I think it took me more than 5 hours just to finish everything, lol. Don’t know what else to call this besides.. “passion”, haha!

Until the next content update wherever! ^^

About to edit a new video for Rainbowholic TV too! Hope to see you there ~




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