Kawaii Cloud Craft Goodies Exchange

Today’s such a happy day because Pati (Kawaii Cloud)’s package  finally arrived all the way from Spain / España! 😥

I almost cried when I opened the box filled with handmade love…  :yay:

She contacted me through Kawaii D.I.Y.’s facebook page and after that, we both agreed to send each other surprise boxes filled with goodies!

Here are some of the cute plushies she makes~ :O :O :O


 Check out her etsy shop!

Kawaii Package.. YAY!!

Even the package is so cute with all the stickers huhuhuhu


Super touching letter huhuhu

THANK YOU FOR THE HANDMADE PHOTO FRAME huhuhuhu I’m using it now!!!

Omg I’m so excited about rainbow with cloud scarf made by crochet!! ;_; You are too generous!! Arigatou~


This mini rainbow needs a close-up!!



And then I saw a girl with blonde hair + green / turquoise tips plushie!!

Super cute mini Rainbowholic!!

How can you write names with sewing.. you are so skillful!!

I can’t wait to use these super cute / one-of-akind macarons!!!


IT’S SO CUTE!!!!!! I can’t wait to wear it when I go to Harajuku! ^^v

Thank you for this lovely metal container box with the cutest and yummiest design!!

OMGOSH so many candies, cute stuff.. during that time, I was already crying rainbows : )))

Everything is just.. DAISUKI! Everything is my favorite!!

OMG ;_; ;_; ;_; Thank you for these cards with such lovely prints!!!

I can’t wait to wear these with my coordinates!! Arigatou gozaimasu~

Cloud socks!!! /brb fainting

Fruity goodness!! SO KAWAII~~

Uwaaaa~ pastel goodness! SO PERFECT because I am planning a pastel-themed shoot!!

Thank you, thank you Pati~san  :heart:

I really hope my package arrives safe there as well.  :heart:


8 thoughts on “Kawaii Cloud Craft Goodies Exchange

  1. AWWW!!! You are so sweet Kaila!! Im very happy that you like everything and your photos are fantastic!! *hugs* I cant wait to receive your package im very excited too! <3 Im now making new things for my next craft fairs and everything reminds me of your kawaii happiness! Rainbowholic everywhere!!hahaha :yay: Big hugs for my new friend!

  2. @Pati: is there some website you sell the pink kawaii bearshown in the photo .Also how much would it cost for the cute pink kawaii bear?


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