Kawaii & Creative Workshops in JP + JapanLover.me Website Relaunch + Kawaii PH Flea Market + #ABCsJournalingChallenge by Abbey Sy

Hi everybody!

Just a quick update for today! Lots of announcements in this post. 😉

As previously mentioned in the earlier blog entry about MCK studio, my friends & I are currently teaming up together to organize fun workshops here in Japan.

These workshops are for visiting tourists (Kanto region / Tokyo / Saitama) and fellow locals who are interested in getting crafty & learning new things!

If you have time to spare, please answer the survey here ❤️️

The team: Me, Allie & Anne! 

As for our credentials (gotta pitch the powerhouse team, lolol) ~

I’m the founder of JapanLover.me, co-founder of Kawaii Philippines community, and a passionate web content creator (blog / youtube / etc.). I specialize in web marketing & creating a strong voice using online presence. My background is Advertising Management.


Allie is a Tokyo-based designer / creative and a self-taught webdesigner. She is also an architect and a color enthusiast. Get to know her through her instagram.


Anne is my co-founder at Kawaii PH. She’s working as a creative designer / art director for Japonisme / JLM Store. She’s into industrial & graphic design and photography. Check out her photos / life in JP here.

Some compilation of our works.

Three instructors in one intimate workshop! Plus, add the fact that it’s Springtime in Japan ~ (what a deal, right? hahaha)

* sales pitch *

We will be posting the schedule of the available workshop dates and we hope that you can join our creative fun!

Many thanks to Mimiclaire’s Kitchen Studio as our venue host.

Last week, we just had a (soft) relaunch / reopening of JAPANLOVER.ME website.

Many thanks to Anne & Chichi for working together on this project!

Seller / Booth registration for the Kawaii PH Flea Market is now open!

Kindly fill out the registration form in this link if you’re interested.

  • What: Kawaii PH Flea Market
  • When: February 18, 2017 (Saturday) 11am – 7pm
  • Where: Venture Space (Shaw Boulevard)

Kawaii PH Flea Market is a mini bazaar in which sellers may vend or trade 2nd hand (preloved) items like clothes, toys, art materials, and more. The event aims to promote eco-friendliness by encouraging recycling and upcycling. Only 20 booth slots are available!

Inviting everybody to join the #ABCsJournalingChallenge by my friend, Abbey!


Document your life the way you want it and make your memories count with the ABCs of Journaling Challenge. For 25 days, join me for a series of prompts that will hone your creative journaling skills and inspire you to chronicle your daily experiences together with my book, The ABCs of Journaling.

For three months, I’ll be guiding you with tips and advice on how to journal better and improve your creative skills. Feel free to browse the hashtag #ABCsJournalingChallenge and learn from each other!


  1. To join, create artworks based on the challenge themes posted on my Instagram (@abbeysy).
  2. New themes come in every Wednesday & Saturday, at 8PM Philippine time. You can also refer to the list on page 113 of The ABCs of Journaling for the chronological list. We will be adding bonus prompts for every 4 prompts
  3. To qualify, upload a photo of your journal entry on Instagram, tag @abbeysy, and add the hashtags #ABCsJournalingChallenge & #ABCsofJournaling. Don’t forget to include the book in some of your posts if you have your copy.
  4. Work output can be in different mediums for every submission. The more creative, the better!There will be bonus prompts and surprise giveaways in between the challenges, so don’t forget to regularly share your artworks on Instagram!

For more info, check this page for the list of challenges!


For local buyers, please check Abbey’s online store.



More stories soon! Gotta catch up on work as my lunch break was already over 30 minutes ago, lol.

Thanks for your continued support in all of our projects!

With love, 


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